Five eCommerce search trends right now

| 23 Dec, 2015

Paid search experts Ross Mitchell and Lewis Barker share what techniques are proving successful right now for online retailers - are you ustilising these tactics?

1. What device trends are you currently seeing?

Ross: 24% of retail shopping now happens online, with mobile and tablet accounting for 42% of these sales.

Interestingly and potentially obviously with the increase in mobile screen size, mobile CVRs increase in line with that.

Therefore when reviewing a mobile strategy and creating a mobile strategy, it‰'s important to think about a rule of thumb.

2. What has ROAS bidding done for clients?

Lewis: With the integration with DoubleClick for Search, we‰'ve been able to bid specifically on ad spend targets.

This has helped improve profitability across all of our eCommerce clients, in one example, we‰'ve seen a 44% rise in return on ad spend within the first couple of weeks of launch, as well as improving overall KPIs on the account. That frees up a lot of our PPC practitioners‰ time, which can then be reinvested into completing other optimizations across the client plan.

3. How has paid social evolved?

Ross: Facebook integrated shopping into their platform this year, and Twitter and Instagram have also improved their offerings with Twitter introducing auto-play video beta and Instagram opening up their offering to all advertisers.

YouTube has also targeted eCommerce growth this year with the introduction of shopping carts allowing for users to click through and purchase products they see in the video, thus removing a barrier to purchase.

4. What are demographic for search ads?

Lewis: Demographic research has been an open beta for some time now. What this does is allows advertisers to target ads to their specified age and gender audience.

For one client, we were able to optimise bids and budget to their target demographics, providing an immediate rise in conversion rate by 10% - along with driving an additional 40% in transactions.

5. What impact is GAP enhanced eCommerce having?

Lewis: Enhanced eCommerce linking analytics allows for a greater sophistication of audience list building.

So by integrating revenue and transaction and other onsite metrics is really key to driving strategic bidding across different customer verticals.

So for example, we can create different audience buckets based on the user‰'s previous transactions even down to the type of product that they previously purchased.

Any final thoughts?

Ross: More than 52% of users abandon the cart due to delivery cost.

Therefore it's imperative you liaise with your logistics and delivery teams to ensure this process is as streamlined as possible and/or offer free delivery.

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