Which Jellyfish Academy Track is Right for Me?

Blog | 22 Oct, 2018

Thinking about applying for the Jellyfish Academy but not sure where to begin? Step 1: Find out which track is right for you- as explained by a JFA graduate. 


Digital marketing is a team effort. No single role, skill, or deck gets the job done. Our partners’ success relies on our team’s strengths and skills as a whole. This is why we've developed 3 different tracks for our Jellyfish Academy (JFA): 

  • PPC
  • Display
  • Client Services & Dynamix

* Additional tracks will be added to the program as our business grows

Each track prepares its respective cohorts for their future roles at Jellyfish and allows them to develop their skills through real application and training sessions.

As a graduate of the JFA, I’m confident that the program was a great opportunity for me to not only understand Jellyfish as a company but also to find my place in the digital marketing world. It lead to me becoming a Dynamix Associate Account Manager, which aligns with my strong communication skills and satisfies my analytical and technical sides. The best part? Every JFAer has a similar story.

Wondering which track would be right for you? Check out what each role is like below.


Welcome to the world of Search Marketing! Do you enjoy problem-solving, critical thinking, and working with data? Do you have great attention to detail and a curious mindset? If so, PPC might be just the right path for you. This is about understanding when and why people search different queries in their favorite engine.

The PPC team works hand-in-hand with clients to achieve their business goals by managing keyword and user-focused campaigns across all search engines. You’ll learn how to build keyword and ad campaigns that provide high visibility on search results pages and, more importantly, you'll learn how to manage these campaigns to hit our clients’ targets.


Jellyfish’s Display team is growing rapidly and becoming a forefront industry leader in display trafficking. Like PPC, the display track is data-heavy. It does have more of a learning curve than the other tracks, but becoming a wizard in Campaign Manager and Display & Video 360 sets you up for long-term career success. Depending on which partners you support (and what their current needs are), you’ll join calls with clients to talk performance.

If you know you love data but haven’t built up your knowledge of Excel yet, don’t fret. JFA has Excel-specific modules that arm you with the formulas you’ll need to dig into the weeds of data. In Display, you’ll create connections and discover opportunities for Jellyfish’s partners.

Client Services

Looking for something a little less data-heavy? We need "people people" and team players, too. This doesn’t mean you have to be extremely extroverted, but it will require you to lead the charge and direct the Jellyfish team to better performance. This requires organization, strong communication skills, and the ability to paint a story with words (and numbers, of course). As an Account Manager, you’ll need to think of moving parts and plan for the future.


If you are like Goldilocks and want a little of everything, Dynamix is your track. Jellyfish Dynamix is our Google Marketing Platform Partner brand. In this track, you’ll be moving around in platform, knowing what buttons to push and when, for both Display and PPC. There is support if you don’t know the answer to something, but we’ll trust you to seek out those difficult and tricky answers and then present them back to the client like it was a breeze. Unlike other teams, Dynamix doesn’t always manage clients’ media but instead works in the platform to make sure they’re performing the best they can.

Learn more about Jellyfish Dynamix here

Now What?

Whether you’re a college graduate or are looking for a career shift, JFA is a great opportunity to learn digital marketing skills by applying it to real life scenarios on real partners. Our team is only as strong as our teammates. We rely on those who are open-minded and problem solvers.

Learn more about the JFA here.

Interested in joining the next JFA? Get in touch with us today!

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