Wonka knows best: Inspire your QR code journey

| 16 Jul, 2014

Digital marketers are no stranger to QR codes. They abound on web pages, leaflets, business cards, billboards, magazines and even the odd cupcake to name a few.

Those reading this blog post may have already heard that global QR activity is up 381% on Q1 2011 (QRStuff.com) and have more than likely read many articles on QR Codes that mention how they have been used really effectively and REALLY badly.

If you’re like me, always on the search for engaging ways to connect yourself to the digital world, then please can someone tell me, what is the point in scanning a QR Code to just take me to your website in one fell swoop? Anyone can do that! In fact it could take me less than 5 minutes to generate a QR code online, whack it on my business card and print away. Tip… Just check that you have the correct URL embedded in your QR Code or it could be an expensive re-printing exercise. You all know who you are! Let’s not forget too, how many websites aren’t ready for mobile yet? How dare you send me and my mobile to a webpage I can’t read. Come on guys, get with the programme!

Smartphones have become an extension of our lives and for some life is unthinkable without one. (Google thinks it can actually persuade you to wear one on your head! How crazy is that?! Thinking about it I actually really want one!)

So, how can QR codes boost your digital campaigns and be used to create perfect digital journeys that are engaging, fun, long lasting and more importantly memorable? I’d like to use the story of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory as inspiring, delicious fodder to emphasise the need for focus coupled with innovation.

Willy Wonka set out to revive his chocolate factory by telling every chocolate loving child to buy his chocolate bars, find a ‘Golden Ticket’ and win a lifetime supply of chocolate. Not bad hey! However, as you know, there would only be one lucky winner who could resist temptation and make it to the end of the tour without swelling up like a blueberry, falling into a chocolate lake, stealing a golden egg and being shrunk to six inches in size.

Consider for a moment Charlie and his excitement of making it through the gates of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory and how he shared his experience with his Grandpa Joe. Although at times he was tempted away, he was determined to make it to the end without feeling sour. He was constantly engaged, inspired and his attention was fixed upon the life time supply of chocolate. He was, as you know the eventual winner and would one day take over the factory from Willy Wonka. Not a bad strategy Wonka, I salute you!

So relate Charlie’s QR Code to contemporary marketing activity. Can it stay strong and loyal in today’s giant digital sweet shop? Can it provide the perfect gateway to extraordinary mobile journeys and give you the chance to test your audience and gather a trillion M&M’s worth of data?

I think so, with a carefully designed mobile journey like Wonka’s and a little imagination you will have iPhone5's vibrating profoundly for a snap of the nearest candy covered QR Code. There is however just one thing left to consider, do you have the right oompa loompas to make QR codes work? 

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