Google Analytics: Custom reporting made easy

| 25 Apr, 2016

We all know the massive benefits that Google Analytics (GA) provides in understanding our customer‰'s journey, but often we need to manipulate and view the data in a way that isn‰'t possible in GA. Our Analytics team has devised a way to pull information from the Universal Analytics custom reporting directly into Excel using a simple bookmark solution.

Although GA allows for dashboards, widget and lots of different reporting, the UI of the Google Analytics can be cumbersome and restrictive. There are limitations to what kind of information can be seen together, and the platform often shows too much information at once.

While we always prefer to have one central interface where the core data lives, the business world often expects and demands the use of spreadsheets. Spreadsheets have become the common currency for sharing data and allowing anyone to perform quantitative analysis without the in-depth programming or Google Analytics knowledge.

Our Analytics team uses the method below to pull information from the Universal Analytics custom reporting directly into Excel through a simple bookmark solution. Using the three steps below, you can quickly and easily download the data from your custom reports into excel files.

1. Create bookmark

After creating any specific reports in Universal Analytics, such as Custom Dimensions, Custom Metrics, or Referral Exclusion Lists, go to your browser settings and select ‰ Create bookmark‰.

2. Enter code

Name the bookmark and include the following code in the URL field:



javascript:writeFile=function(text,name,type){var a=document.createElement('a');var file=new Blob([text],{type:type});a.href=URL.createObjectURL(file);;};var content="";if(typeof jQuery!="undefined"){for(var i=0;i

Internet Explorer:

javascript:writeFile=function(e,t,n){var i=new Blob([e]);window.navigator.msSaveBlob(i,t)};var content="";if("undefined"!=typeof jQuery){for(var i=0;i

3. Use bookmark to export data

Once the bookmark has been saved, whenever you are using the custom reporting in Universal Analytics, click on the saved bookmark and an Excel spreadsheet will automatically populate the information on the report you‰'ve generated.

Note: Make sure to include the correct amount of rows in the on-screen view that you want to include in the Excel spreadsheet. The tool will only include the data that is visible on the page.


This simple tool, will significantly increase your analytics team's efficiency and allow more time to be dedicated towards in-depth analysis, rather than formatting data.

As a certified Google Analytics 360 Partner and Reseller, Jellyfish is well versed in the ins and outs of the platform.

Whether you are looking for Analytics Training for your internal team or need an agency to support your analytics, contact us now.

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