Men's Health brand searches up 88% with Jellyfish and Yahoo Gemini Ads

| 08 Feb, 2016

The leader in its category, Men'—s Health magazine have been a Jellyfish client since 2008. The fitness, nutrition and healthy living publication operates across 41 countries.

MenŠ—'s Health partnered with their Jellyfish Group agency, Jellyfish Connect, and Yahoo to drive magazine subscriptions from a new audience.

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The campaign

The campaign targeted males with an interest in exercise, weight loss, health, fitness and sports; the perfect audience.

Yahoo employed Gemini Native Ads to reach this audience, serving ads in both YahooŠ—'s premium content and Sponsored Messages in Yahoo Mail.

These ad formats sit seamlessly within their environment, enhancing their relevance in a non-intrusive format for the user.

The strategy behind the campaign involved testing different audience interests as well as the ad creative and calls-to-action to find and then optimize the best performing combinations.


The campaign also tested two different offers:

1. A trial period for new subscribers

2. A Christmas gift subscription


All ads drove the targeted audience to the MenŠ—'s Health site where they could then sign up for a subscription.

"We are delighted to be working with Yahoo on our MenŠ—'s Health subscription campaign. We feel that Yahoo Gemini Native Ads and Sponsored Messages in Yahoo Mail have been the ideal platform for us to grow brand awareness by being able to cast the net far and wide and capture a large audience, whilst still being targeted. The response has been tremendous and is a credit to Jellyfish Connect and Yahoo."

Seema Kumari, Head of Digital Marketing at Hearst Magazines UK


The results

On average, CPCs for this campaign were 59% lower than equivalent search and display campaigns, highlighting the power of native advertising.

MenŠ—'s Health also saw an 88% uplift in brand searches as a result of the Yahoo Gemini Native Ads campaign.

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