Jellyfish and Google co-host Mobile event

| 22 May, 2015

Last week, in conjunction with Google, we hosted an event covering all things Mobile. The afternoon session took place at the Google offices in New York's Chelsea neighborhood. Speakers Justin Prunell (Mobile Solutions, NA Lead at Google) and Lauren Epshteyn (Google Sales Strategy Executive) led talks on Mobile Trends and Mobile Site Development Strategies respectively. In addition, Jellyfish's own Daniel Wilkinson (EVP Global PPC) moderated a panel discussion addressing attendees' specific concerns and curiosities.

Regarding mobile trends, Justin Prunell discussed not only how we, the searchers, are changing the way we search, but also the outlying criteria that mobile devices incorporate into the search environment. Such outlying criteria include: geo's, time of day, historical behaviors and points of interest. This leads us to understand that Google is having a conversation with the user. Understanding this conversation facilitates anticipation to better affect search results for the user.

A big part of Lauren Epshteyn's presentation was interpreting a common issue business owners and marketers have been facing for some time; mobile site or app? By exploring market segmentations and conducting interactive exercises with the group, Lauren proved that mobile site before app should be the priority. This is not to say that the app does not bring or add value to one's marketing efforts.

In addition to the aforementioned site versus app segment, the emphasis on mobile friendly sites was discussed. Google offers tools to inspect one's site. First, you can run a check and see if your site is Mobile Friendly, and you can also add insight to see just how mobile friendly your site actually is; specifically in terms of Page Speed and User Experience.ξ

Before heading off to socially network with our attendees, our own Daniel Wilkinson helped our guests with some specific issues they are currently facing. Topics the panel explored included: mobile's effect on ad spend, cross device measurement / attribution, and our favorite question, "After today, what do I go back and do with all of this information?" While each of our clients and partners have specific items to tackle, the day established a firm framework to move forward. Google and Jellyfish look forward to helping organizations on the road to success.

Being a Google Partner, we look forward to hosting another event, again incorporating a fresh, interesting and valuable topic.

Read more about how Jellyfish can assist in responsive web design here.

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