What is the Jellyfish personality?

| 23 Jan, 2014

Companies and brands, like people, have a certain personality; a certain quality innately all their own.

For example, WalMart, McDonalds, Microsoft, Twitter, and IBM all possess their own “Ness". How would a customer, an employee, or a partner describe Microsoft's, "Microsoft-ness", or Walmart's "Wal-Mart-ness"?

During an end of the year meeting in our Baltimore headquarters, our CEO Rob Pierre talked about many things unique to the company. Rob covered our success in and our growth opportunities moving forward. Of course, all of this was done in a uniquely motivating presentation. As a fairly-seasoned professional, I have heard a few of these stirring monologues before. Not to say this was not motivating or void of actionable value, actually it was quite the opposite. However, I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on a brief phrase Rob said that really excited me.




As the VP of US Business Development, one of my main responsibilities is to successfully communicate to prospects how Jellyfish is uniquely positioned to service their specific need and grow their business. In other words, how Jellyfish-ness will take them to the top! What better way to define Jellyfish-ness than to ask the Jellyfish team themselves, so I asked my colleagues to define the term.

Below are some of their responses:

“What I think Jellyfish-ness is our commitment to being partners with our clients, sharing credit for the good and teaming up to get through the bad. We like to embody the 'yes, and' mentality rather than the 'no, but' mentality, as we feel that's the best way to create perfect digital journeys, and that usually results with us ending up in exciting new places."
Tom An, VP of Digital Strategy

“To be a Jellyfish is to keep up with the fast-paced and ever-changing world of online marketing by testing, analyzing and refining our internal processes to consistently exceed our clients' expectations. Jellyfish-ness requires passion, purpose, and agility. It is our full investment in our clients' successes and the transparency we refuse to dilute."
Paige Flanagan, Digital Marketing Associate

“To me, Jellyfish-ness is being smart, passionate, and focused on driving results to help both Jellyfish and our clients achieve goals. We value collaboration and partnering with our clients and we genuinely like the people we work with!"
Jennifer Thorpe, Operations Director

“I would like to condense my thoughts on Jellyfish into just a few words; dynamic, colorful, overachieving, friendly but firm, but most of all ambitious, both as an organization and for our clients."
Jai Amin, PPC Director

“\_je-ló–-‘fish -n€Ès\ Likened by nature, but not to be confused with, the free-swimming marine coelenterate, Jellyfish-ness refers to a supreme state of online marketing. Much like the species from which the term is derived, marketers and their counterparts achieve this level of digital aptitude through several distinct characteristics:Š—

Symmetrical- Even thought patterns that give consideration to all aspects of digital marketing channels, mediums and methods.

Efficient- maneuver through the online ecosystem through masterful tactics and the highest level of productivity.

Simple- forthright in execution, unobtrusive and effective use of systems and process to garner results.

Sensory- highly astute and keen in consideration of the entire digital environment.

Protective- guardian to marketing fundamentals, champion of digital best practices and innovations.

“Jellyfish-ness is not being afraid to try new things. Having a robust thought process, believing passionately in what you want to do, taking responsibility, being accountable, learning from mistakes and being credited for successes."
Daniel Wilkinson, EVP, Head of Paid Media

“Jellyfish-ness... smart & quirky, tech savvy, honest, caffeinated & responsive."
Beata Mercier, Senior Account Manager

“From my point of view, it's about forming strong partnerships & becoming/being viewed as a member of the client's team. Together, we then work in order to succeed in the pursuit of our client's objectives, by both applying our tried & tested methodologies & embracing new ideas, be it internal concepts or industry betas. All-in-all it's about ensuring our client's customers experience the perfect digital journey."
Andrew Tickner, Senior PPC Manager

“Jellyfish-ness, to me, is going beyond the standard call of duty or the assigned project to deliver a solution that not only exceeds expectations but also accounts for the whole digital vision of the client."
Alex Moran, Business Development Manager

“Jellyfish-ness, to me, means never being satisfied with the status quo. Stressing just as much importance on results, as the journey to get there. It is inherently going above and beyond expectations for both the client and the company."
Alex Feinberg, Account Executive

There you have it, some of our finest Jellyfish talking about Jellyfish-ness. I would like to thank my friends for taking the time to participate in this exercise.

Based on what I have experienced during my tenure at Jellyfish, and taking into consideration the input of my associates, I would define Jellyfish-ness as follows: “Our ability, nay - our inherent personality, to be thoughtful and quick on our feet to service our partners across all digital marketing channels. Moreover, we deliver a willingness to cultivate friendships with our clients to fully express how involved we are in their success.

As you may notice, there are very real and valuable consistencies in how we describe ourselves as Jellyfish. We not only see the business side of it, but we recognize our intangibles. Moving forward with our biz dev endeavors, I look forward to telling everyone and anyone who will listen, about Jellyfish-ness and how it will work for them.

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