Yahoo Bing Network device targeting update: Early POV

| 11 Jun, 2014

Last week Bing Ads announced a major change to the Yahoo Bing Network (YBN) Š—– they will be combining all device targeting and therefore have more parity with GoogleŠ—Ès Enhanced Campaigns offering.

This was a huge deal when AdWords announced it last year, and itŠ—Ès still significant that Bing Ads is following suit.


The quick factsŠ—_

  • Tablet/desktop changes in September 2014, with smartphones in early 2015
  • It is a global rollout
  • API integrations will be affected, with the first changes in September 2014
  • Yahoo!'s Gemini offering remains separate and will not change Š—– for now you can still treat/target tablet and smartphone separately
  • More facts here.


How itŠ—Ès the same as Google

  • Over the next year, Bing will be unifying management of device targeting across campaigns, forcing targeting across all three major device categories (desktop, laptop, smartphone)
  • You can still opt out of smartphone traffic entirely with bid modificationξ
  • You will be able to have mobile-specific URLs

How itŠ—'s different from Google

  • Advertisers will be able to have separate bid modifiers for tablet (-20% to 300%) which is something Google has not allowed to date

What we should do for now


You can start prepping your campaigns for this change. Bing Ads is fully compatible with AdWords Enhanced Campaigns now. Your PPC campaigns on the YBN should start to mimic AdWords more.

It may be obvious to note that the most important preparation here will be the influx of mobile traffic. AdWords Enhanced Campaign transitions resulted in about 10% more impressions and 15% more clicks, all from mobile devices Š—– you should expect the same lift from your YBN traffic through this transition. This will be yet another nudge to round out that mobile strategy, if you havenŠ—'t already.

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