Like what you see?

Being the awesome, digitally savvy agency we are, we pay attention.

At 11am, on Friday, February 17th, we noticed Sprint visited four pages on our site.

To make your search easier, here are the top reasons why Sprint should pick Jellyfish as your digital agency:

  • The team

We are experts in Google’s ad tech stack.

We’re DoubleClick Certified Partners, Analytics 360 Suite Resellers, and masters of Audience Center 360. We use the perfect combination of technology on our clients’ behalf to improve performance and create significant efficiencies.


We are agile and innovative.

As soon as you visited our site, we pulled together our team, and launched this campaign specifically for Sprint. 


Like Sprint, we know you don’t have to be the biggest to be the best.

We are an independent agency, and we like it that way. We push the boundaries of technology, care deeply about our clients, and deliver superior results. 


We work hard and play hard.

A good agency knows its clients inside and out. A great agency pushes the business forward leveraging flexibility and developing fresh ideas.

Want to know how we did it?

Using our tracking software, we were able to obtain the IP address of the Sprint office. Using that IP address, we built a PPC campaign targeted to users only at that IP address. Anybody visiting the page will go into our remarketing audience and will start to see our remarketing banners. We set up a targeted Facebook campaign using specific email addresses. We built this landing page to tell our story and have replicated the whole experience in Spanish for anyone with Spanish browser settings. To view our story in Spanish please visit

So if you like what you see, help share our message. Tell your colleagues to search for Jellyfish.

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