Causing a 'carfuffle' with UK automotive marketplace website is an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of vehicles.

In a competitive automotive marketplace, needed an innovative digital strategy that helped position them within the top 3 go-to sites when consumers were looking to buy or sell a vehicle in the UK.

With features such as Smart Search, their brand mission is to create an intuitive, intelligent and hassle-free search process for consumers and, in turn, generates a highly qualified and measurable customer response for automotive retailers in the UK.

The objectives

When the client came to Jellyfish, they set the following objectives:

  • To maximize the number of DPVs and Dealers Contacts with the allocated budgets for each car make
  • To achieve a blended CPA target of £0.34p across all campaigns
  • To build and DSA campaigns for the top car models alongside the existing keyword campaigns
female driving a car

The solution

Jellyfish’s management of PPC campaigns coincided with the launch of their TV campaign. Characterized by the term “Carfuffle,” highlighted the hassles consumers experience whilst searching for a new car and their position as the brand to resolve it.

With a variety of optimization tools at their disposal, the Jellyfish team began building a PPC plan of attack to ensure the TV campaign was fully supported in the paid landscape.  

This resulted in the collation of tactics, aimed at increasing share of voice and Detailed Page Views (DPVs) our core measurement of engagement.

To this end offline and online brand messaging was aligned, bids were increased to ensure full campaign coverage across multiple devices and ad extensions were utilized for a competitive edge on the landscape. New Cars Home Screen

Following the success of the campaign, Jellyfish is constantly finding new strategies to align with Motors’ aim of widening their reach for car dealers across the UK. For the team, this means maximizing the volume of DPVs and Dealer Contacts cost effectively. 

When combined with the need for the campaigns to match’s massive inventory of car makes and models with the searches on the paid landscape, Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) became a clear proposition.

These hone in on searches relevant to the site’s stock and content, then dynamically create ads with messaging based on the search term and the most relevant landing page. In practice, this gives us access to traffic from a variety of longer tail search terms and consequently cheaper CPCs.

Classic Beetle

PPC & ATL alignment

With the strategy in place and's Carfuffle TV campaign launched, the metrics soon spoke for themselves. Traffic to the website increased significantly across mobile and tablet (67% and 53% respectively). By catering to dual screening user behavior and enhancing activity and engagement on mobile cost efficiencies were also achieved.

This was characterized by the statistic of a 33% lower Cost per DPV on mobile when compared to desktop. As we’d tailored our messaging on mobile to match user behavior and secured positions above the fold, we found CTR on mobile to be 15% higher than desktop with a CPCs that were 38% lower. On the whole, this activity had proved to be a success and Jellyfish was able to generate a good return on investment across multiple devices whilst increasing market share.

Fast forward to 2016 and as noted above we’ve found new ways to maximize ROI and engagement on the website. To achieve this we began by acquiring a breakdown of the number for cars for the main car makes on the website and splitting the PPC budgets accordingly. Using this information and historical data to calculated the expected DPVS and CPA across each car make campaign.

115%Increase in DPVs
£0.25Blended CPA Achieved
137%Increase in clicks / Reduced CPCs by 22.7%
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