Delivering PPC performance for Saga Healthcare

Saga has established itself as the UK’s go-to brand for providing over-50s with premium lifestyle products and services including travel, insurance and financial services.

The Healthcare division, including Country Cousins, Patricia Whites and Visiting Care each offer a variety of care solutions for those in need of support.

They also offer SOS Personal Alarms, a service that gives customers to assistance and access to a 24-hour response team when they need it.

The objectives

  • To achieve CPA target of £41 (~$55 USD) for a call or lead on the Country Cousins website
  • To audit and restructure the existing campaigns for SOS Personal Alarms, Patricia White, and Visiting Care in accordance with Jellyfish best practice
  • To increase the amount of traffic to the Country Cousins landing page and form completions

The solution

Jellyfish initially began managing the PPC campaigns for Country Cousins. Their target market is comprised of two main group clients in need of their care services and also qualified carers who can provide high-quality service to their clientele.

As the campaigns had already been created, our first aim was to ensure they were structured in accordance with Jellyfish best practice. In collaboration with our team in South Africa, restructuring, mining, negative routing and check of the URLs to ensure they landed correctly without any errors were all carried out.

We then began the process of verifying the relevancy of the keywords within the campaigns, creating new ad copy to increase the prominence of the Saga’s USPs, implementing ad extensions such as callout extensions and site links to highlight their service portfolio. With the foundations laid, we incorporated the campaigns into DoubleClick, our chosen bid management, and set the campaigns live.  Soon after, Saga asked Jellyfish to take over the management of their three remaining brands and as such, preparation to onboard them began.

Once the team had conducted the relevant work on the structure of the campaigns in AdWords including the implementation of new ad copy, they were ready to go live. During the initial stages, we were keen to test the application of budget steadily to gain learnings about the best performing areas of the campaign and when the time came apply budget accordingly.

Website of Country Cousins
1117%Increase in impressions
553%Increase in traffic
80%Growth in conversions

The results

During the early stages, we found our brand terms to be most prolific and the keyword [country cousins] was responsible for receiving approximately 63% of all conversions. Due to the presence of competitors bidding on key brand terms, we focus our efforts on maximizing impression share and defending our position on the landscape. We also promoted Saga in our ad copy, the strong reputation of the brand would support engagement with users on the landscape and potentially boost CTR.

At the forefront of the team’s priority was the need to expand performance beyond brand and gain visibility, traffic and leads for generic and industry related terms. By opening the budgets in core areas traffic for a number of keywords began to steadily increase. For example for the keyword +care in +homes we saw a 50% increase in traffic week on week and a 12% reduction in CPCs as improved our impression share in relation to our competitors.

Behind the scenes, we continued to search for new keyword opportunities through ongoing mining on the account.

When reviewing performance across the entire account year to date, we’d been able to increase impressions by 1117% and traffic by 553% for a selection of highlight relevant keywords sets. In total, our number of conversions grew by 80%.

Following proof of the impact our PPC plan on the performance of Country Cousins, we’ve rolled out similar plans with bespoke refinement for each brand. These will put is in good stead to make similar gains with their performance.

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