Developing programmatic strategy for luxury cruise brand

Silversea - a luxury cruise brand operating to over 800 destinations.

Their ships are small, yet luxurious, offering guests a sumptuous experience all over the world.

Silversea teamed up with Jellyfish to develop their display strategy and move it into the programmatic era.

The brief

Jellyfish began working with Silversea as a lead from the Google Channel Partnerships scheme. Silversea was interested in building programmatic into their current display activity by using DoubleClick Bid Manager alongside the Google Display Network.

The brief was to increase overall quote requests for any of their cruises. Creative messaging covered their ‘Classic’ and ‘Exhibition’ destinations, encouraging consumers to ‘Explore the world of luxury cruising’ and ‘Experience the ocean view suites and butler service.'

We started by completing audits for their Google Analytics and Google AdWords activity to gain a good understanding of their current marketing mix, using search targeting strategies to guide display planning and web traffic behavior to inform display landing page set-up.

Landscape photography

We adopted DoubleClick Bid Manager for this luxury brand to bid on top quality display inventory programmatically and employ important brand safety and viewability data signals.

We tested various keyword, placement and audience strategies for prospecting activity and included retargeting activity to re-engage users who had visited pages of the website but not converted. We began with their key markets Australia and Germany (and Switzerland) before expanding to the UK and US.

After presenting the opportunities and benefits of dynamic creative, DoubleClick Studio was also used to create bespoke retargeting messaging for each of the sixteen destinations offered by Silversea. This tool offered performance benefits and a creative experience equal to the luxury nature of their brand.

Website for Silversea Cruises
27%Increase in click-through rate
80%Increase in conversion rate
62%Decrease in the cost per quote

The solution

Campaign developments indicated challenges with proving prospecting activity as efficient at scale for this niche luxury cruise audience. Efforts were consequently focused toward retargeting strategies with prospecting downsized to testing.

Working very closely with the client, we were able to conscientiously optimize the DoubleClick Bid Manager activity on a weekly basis over a three-month period and obtain a level of campaign efficiency that was in-line with the client’s strict cost-per-quote request target.

This includes reducing bids on strategies that are meeting daily budget caps, excluding inefficient placements from site lists, removing in-app inventory from insertion orders and targeting above-the-fold inventory only.

Planning monthly, we commit the majority of the budget to ‘proven’ strategies that maintain campaign efficiencies whilst allocating a modest amount to ‘test’ strategies. This ensures we continue to learn, grow activity and take advantage of any new DoubleClick Bid Manager product releases.

A working relationship that began as a test for the DoubleClick Bid Manager platform has developed into a steady partnership where the client views this display channel as an integral part of their existing marketing mix, committing engaged quote requests at an efficient cost.

Silversea Cruise Ship and traditional Chinese sail ship
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