Increasing global share of voice for leading tech brand

The Fitbit technology is genius. Counting everything from hours slept to steps walked, it is designed to make you a healthier human being.

Fitbit is also the world’s’ leading wearable fitness technology brand. Fitbit helps you track your fitness, physical activity and sleep. The product was introduced in 2008 as the 21st-century pedometer and has lead the wearable tech market ever since.

We have worked with Fitbit since they first arrived in Europe from the US to help them establish a share of voice in what was an emerging wearable technology market.

Fitbit came to Jellyfish in 2012 to increase sales and better understand the wearable market using social listening. They understood that monitoring and engaging in the online conversation was the best way to grow the market and stay ahead of the competition. 


The objectives

  • To increase share of voice within the wearable’s market

  • Grow the wearable tech market in the UK

  • Increase sales through the Fitbit webshop

smart watch

In order to increase share-of-voice, Jellyfish needed to understand the social landscape for the brand, who was talking about wearable tech and what they were saying. Using the social tool Brandwatch, Jellyfish were able to:

  • Monitor and map the online conversations at a keyword level

  • Measure sentiment across the Fitbit brand and its competitors

  • Build personas and common use cases

  • Identify brand strengths and challenges in the marketplace


With this, Jellyfish devised a social strategy for Fitbit that would see their share-of-voice increase by 173% over a 12 month period.

data analysis

Fitbit was faced with the task of not only growing their brand in an increasingly competitive space but also increasing awareness of the emerging wearables category. 

By deploying a full funnel PPC strategy, Jellyfish were able to deliver efficient engagements with new users, and increase sales with a positive return on investment.  

As a part of the perpetual optimization of the paid media campaign, the conversion optimization experts performed an extensive landing page test and developed new PPC landing pages that increased conversion by 15.2%.

In support of Fitbit’s first ever UK TV ad, Jellyfish launched one of the first promotional Twitter video campaigns in the UK to great result.

4.9%engagement rate


The business grew, as did their analytics requirements. With sales increasing, Fitbit needed to understand the behavior of their customers. Jellyfish assisted in upgrading Fitbit to Universal Analytics, allowing better eCommerce tracking across the European operations. The heightened analytics enabled the business to make better data-driven decisions around their marketing. 


DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partner

In 2015, Fitbit, powered by Jellyfish and DoubleClick, expanded from 1 to 12 countries across Europe. As Jellyfish are a DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partner, we were able to guide Fitbit through their European requirements to ensure their paid digital media was aligned. 

50%Reduced CPA
38%Increased spend efficiency
972%Increase in UK transactions

Fitbit is the clear market leader in the worldwide wearable device market.

IDC June 2015
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