Redesign and rebuild of leading TV entertainment website

Channel 5 is a UK TV Channel broadcasting news, sports and entertainment, including shows such as Big Brother, The Gadget Show, Gotham, The X-Files, Neighbors and Home and Away.

The brief

Channel 5 approached Jellyfish with the following objectives:
  • To create an exciting new look and feel for the Channel 5 website
  • To give the Channel 5 team the tools to create engaging editorial content
  • To build a system that links seamlessly with the Channel 5 program and scheduling data
Channel 5 Home page

The solution

Jellyfish worked closely with Channel 5 to help them redesign and redevelop a completely new responsive website which was launched in conjunction with a complete channel rebrand and refresh to their on-demand TV service.

Behind the scenes, our site is talking constantly to Channel 5’s API to keep the site updated with the latest Shows and Schedules.

Jellyfish built all of this onto a Wordpress-based CMS to allow the Channel 5 internal teams to continually add and update content, as quickly and easily as possible. We hope you'll agree the work speaks for itself. 

Swap the devices to scroll the pages
Swap the devices to scroll the pages
Swipe the devices to scroll the pages

We're incredibly pleased with how it looks and performs and have found our experience of working with you guys a real joy.

Debbie James Head of Product, Channel 5

The results

We achieved a great deal in a short space of time with this project. We were working alongside Channel 5 to bring the new site to life simultaneously with the on-demand service and the on-air branding. 

In order to deliver this, we worked with an Agile framework, to gather and prioritize the requirements into 2-week sprints.

By diviFrom, a backend perspective, we developed a system which works with the Channel 5 bespoke API to deliver up to the minute data on their programs and the schedule. In order to keep this system running smoothly and efficiently, we worked hard on caching protocols and a server infrastructure that can not only support their high traffic levels, but also be robust enough to cope with traffic spikes around key programming (sending the tasks in this way, we were able to deliver the functionality iteratively to the Channel 5 Product Owner, and test and refine our approach as we went.


Channel 5 website
Channel 5 website
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