Selling more holidays through better insights

The travel industry, and in particular the sale of packaged holidays, is a competitive market in which to operate. It's why understanding your audience is imperative to success. is a holiday comparison site which allows you to compare deals on package holidays from some of the UK’s top travel companies. have been in the travel industry for nearly 10 years and want to use their experience and expertise to help customers every step of the way.

Jellyfish have supported in training and setting up their Google Analytics 360 account.

This enables them to manage the data and obtain the insights for to make informed business decisions. Learning about their customers and their site behavior helps them understand changes that need to be made to the site and what marketing offers have more resonance, all in a bid to increase growth of the business.

We have supported and implemented the following tasks:

  • DoubleClick and Bing support
  • BigQuery queries and custom scripts project
  • Custom dimensions and data layer implementation support
  • BigQuery path analysis and visualization project
  • Training preparation and delivery (including custom reports and segments)
  • Enhanced eCommerce implementation support
  • BigQuery cross-device analysis
  • Real Time API implementation support
  • Enhanced eCommerce data analysis

The objectives

As part of the remit, the client set the following objectives:

  • To manage the Analytics 360 data for to get the most insight from the analytics account
  • To train the team to use Google Analytics 360
  • Allow to make business decisions based on correct data

Previously,’s data team were spending a disproportionate amount of time collecting data for analysis.

This was compounded due to them having to break down large queries to avoid sampling and invariably not having a complete data collection framework or process.  

The objective was to shift the team's focus to undertaking analysis and delivering actionable insight. Working with Jellyfish to implement Analytics 360 and Big Query has enabled to do exactly this.


The solution now have a robust measurement framework. Crucially this is trusted by their business and we’ve collectively worked hard to embed a test and learn culture that is underpinned by our GAP implementation and approach. In-house technical understanding at has improved significantly through this process.

Through better data and increased business understanding of Analytics 360, has been able to democratize the use of GAP so more people make use of the aspects which impact their roles around the business. now avoids sampling, saving time, effort and analytical downtime. They are able to implement new tracking with speed and precision, with the understanding that continuous and accurate measurement helps to drive informed decision making.

They can now cohort analysis, focusing on the relative performance of segments of our audience rather than standard one size fits all reporting. now have a deeper user behavior, they are able to see how changes to pricing impacts propensity to convert across a range of dimensions such as destination, board basis, star rating, price point.

They are able to analyze the quality of the content to see how improved imagery on key products is helping to drive increased engagement. is starting to harness the power of Big Query alongside the hit level data we can access via GAP to improve all of our marketing channels and design improved user journeys through. 

screenshot of icelolly Portugal

Implementing GAP and the measurement framework, alongside Infinity call tracking, has provided us with unparalleled clarity of our ROI. 

Robert Lancashire Digital Performance Manager,
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