Using every ingredient to create an online cookery brand

The Hari Ghotra project is an exciting Jellyfish initiative we’re leveraging to demonstrate the power of our combined skills, experience and services in the digital marketing sector.

Hari Ghotra wanted to do more with her sideline business of running an Indian Cookery School. She loved the social element of these lessons, the sharing experience, the sheer enjoyment of cooking her favorite North Indian cuisine with people who love this type of food.

Jellyfish CEO, Rob Pierre, knew that for Hari to really expand her business she would need to approach this challenge digitally. And this is where we came in because working together would not only help Hari but would also showcase the company’s full range of services to a wider audience.

Launching an online brand

So in May 2013, after a lot of hard work and delicious curries (all in the name of research) Hari Ghotra was launched online. A brand new style, new photography, and stunning videos were combined with colorful sections packed with inspirational content on how to cook her amazing recipes. Since then, Jellyfish have continually worked with Hari to build her online presence, user base, and social following, and refine and improve every element of the site. 

And as her status has grown, she has drawn attention to her distinctive brand from other successful companies. We are very proud to say she has recently moved into her new role as the Executive Chef of Tamarind Kitchen. We feel this is an amazing achievement and one we are extremely happy to be part of.

By bringing together all our experience, all our divisions, departments and creativity, we wanted to produce, establish and grow a new online brand. We wanted to build up the eCommerce angle and eventually create a new digital celebrity in Hari herself.

food photography and chefs

SEO, content strategy & brand development

Through a solid content strategy, an inviting brand look and feel and effective search strategy, we created the number one destination for authentic Indian cooking online.

Building a warm, friendly and inviting brand was integral to succeeding online as we had to appeal to people who loved cooking Indian food, and to those who didn’t think they could do it.

Our research showed that more people are cooking than ever before, and a growing segment is doing this on their mobile, tablet and desktop devices in the kitchen. So we had to reach our market the way they wanted to be reached.

Plus, the brand identity, tone of voice and associated assets needed to complement Hari’s personality and show off her professionalism and expertise. So we created Brand Guidelines and Brand Tone of Voice to help define and explain who Hari was, what she stood for and how we were to communicate her brand.

Not everyone cooks authentic Indian food. Not everyone thinks they could even begin to try, so we made sure we connected with all our culinary demographics without talking up or down to anyone. So building a user-friendly, fully responsive website was crucial and we had to make it flexible enough to allow regular content updates as the site grew.

Hari Ghotra early brand work
Swap the devices to scroll the pages
Swap the devices to scroll the pages
Swipe the devices to scroll the pages

Hari Ghotra Curry Kits

Once the site had a steady flow of new content to nurture a solid user base, we began to look at how we could monetize the brand. And what could be better than taking our curries out to people so they could make them? So Hari Ghotra now sells Curry Kits - little boxes of hand-picked spices with cooking instructions and directions on how to follow her videos. Plus, Hari now gives her professional recommendations for some really lovely cooking equipment.

Hari Ghotra products

The Hari Ghotra brand continues to grow with more and more opportunities almost every week. 

YouTube strategy

With all the assets we created for Hari, we are now focusing our efforts on building out her YouTube channel. As the world's 2nd-largest search engine, YouTube is the natural platform for Hari to showcase her culinary skills, engage with her audience, and with YouTube live, Hari can interact with her followers and respond to real-time questions just as if they were in a cooking class. Advertising has been switched on for the channel as we continue to grow in subscriber base, and this certainly is a channel that we look forward to developing over the next few months.

Tamarind of Mayfair

In May 2015, the Hari Ghotra project took an unexpected twist. After seeing her website and watching Hari’s cooking videos, Peter Joseph, Head Chef at Tamarind of Mayfair, approached us to see if Hari would be the face of their new restaurants. And who could refuse an offer like that? So after months of training in the kitchen with Peter, Hari has is now officially Executive Chef at Tamarind Kitchen, a new chain of restaurants opening in central London in 2016.

Hari Ghotra YouTube channel
Hari Ghotra chefs cooking in a restaurant kitchen
9000YouTube Subscribers
413%SEO Visibility Increase (2 Years)
70,000average web visits a month
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