Welcome to the world's biggest boutique agency

We are everything you’d expect from a smaller agency: accountable, autonomous, flexible and personable. Yet we deliver scale and reach for global brands from our network of offices across EMEA, the US, and South Africa.

We're the world's biggest boutique agency

Every brand is different

As are business goals and the strategies required to achieve them. We don’t offer you a ‘one size fits all’ solution. We’ll look at your brand, understand your audience and create a tailor-made plan to achieve the results.

Consistency is king

We know how frustrating it is when you have ever-changing teams on your account. That’s why we make sure that from the very beginning you have a consistent team, a team who knows your brand inside and out and cares about it as much as you do.

Protecting your brand

Protecting your brand and ensuring it’s handled with care is key to our mantra. Whether we’re considering brand safety in relation to where we place your display ads, to ensuring the right audience engages with your content, we have it covered.

We have business acumen

We’ve not always been a global agency. We started small and through a planned growth strategy, grew our business. We know first-hand this isn’t easy and takes a calculated strategy. We understand how to achieve business goals, whatever they may be.

Our staff is our biggest asset

An experienced and passionate team looks after our clients with care. Results and performance are a given, and responsiveness comes as standard. We work together to deliver handmade, client-centric solutions.

Partnerships are paramount

We're an approved Google Analytics 360 Reseller, DoubleClick Marketing Partner, and with many more accolades and Google accreditations, we’re recognized in the industry for offering the very best in innovative marketing solutions.

We're a global agency

With offices across 3 continents, we understand global business. Our teams work better because of counterparts sitting in different offices. We learn and deliver better results because of one another.

Investing in people

Giving our staff room to grow sounds like a cliché, but here, it is true. We want the team here at Jellyfish to flourish, and they can only do this by having the space and resources to do so.

Learn more, do more

Training has become a huge part of what we do here at Jellyfish. We use our experts to share their knowledge with businesses that want to practice their own digital marketing.

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