Analytics 360 (previously known as Google Analytics Premium) is Google’s answer to an enterprise analytics solution, giving you greater insight into your tracking of user behaviour and granular acquisition paths.

With a vast array of mobile-specific features as well, Analytics 360 is a powerful tool for any website or app. In 2015 alone, Analytics 360 released over 70 new functionality features. By constantly innovating and improving features, Analytics 360 adds more horsepower, powerful new functionality, and enables valuable product integration and insights into your business decisions.

Analytics 360 retains the look and feel of Google Analytics Standard. This means there’s no steep learning curve from the package you're already familiar with, allowing you and your digital marketing team to get straight to work. All in all, it’s the ultimate way to take your Universal Analytics tracking to the next level.

Analytics 360 has multiple benefits

  • Native integration with DoubleClick (DoubleClick Bid Manager & DoubleClick Campaign Manager) for granular remarketing

  • Completely unsampled data

  • Credits to use with BigQuery for analysis on Analytics 360 & CRM data

  • Data-driven attribution model for building an algorithmic and programmatic attribution model

  • 200 custom dimensions and metrics to understand user behaviour

  • Fresher data (up to 4 hours rather than 24)

Is Analytics 360 right for me?

Some are looking for support from analytics experts that the Analytics 360 reseller network brings (we're an approved agency). Others are excited about the huge advantages the advanced integrations with the other components of the Google 360 suite, such as DoubleClick and BigQuery, and how they can be used to supercharge their marketing campaigns.

Whatever your motivations for considering Analytics 360, we're glad you've taken the first step and found this page. If you want to find out more, our dedicated Analytics 360 team would love to hear from you.

We've developed a downloadable PDF comparison sheet to help you decided whether Google Analytics 360 is right for you.

Download now

Why choose Analytics 360?

Many website owners are discovering the benefits Analytics 360 can bring to their business. Some just need access to the accurate data that the increased hit limits can bring, and the ability to access un-sampled data. Others like the combination of Google Analytics' ease-of-use and an enterprise level analytics solution.

Are your online marketing efforts dependent on Google?

If you invest in Google for your media, then it makes sense to trust Google for your measurement and accountability too. Many of the integrations with Google products, such as AdWords and DoubleClick, offer greater visibility, plus fresher, better data.

Do you create reports that rely on custom metrics and dimensions?

Google Analytics 360 offers more custom dimensions for deep segmentation from 20 (standard) to 200, giving you much greater insight into user behaviour.

Do you receive over 10 million hits to your website monthly?

If so, then you may be experiencing some limitations with the free version of Google Analytics. At the entry level, GA360 will process up to one billion hits per month, with unlimited processing options also available.

Is Analytics 360 difficult to use?

Analytics 360 offers simplicity with enterprise level power! It has the same look and feel of standard Google Analytics, so you work with what’s already familiar to you - avoiding the steep learning curve you get with other paid enterprise solutions.

Why use Jellyfish?

We've undergone a strict approval process to become one of the only fully-certified Analytics 360 resellers in both the US and the UK. We plan and integrate personalised solutions that are tailored to your business needs and requirements.

Dedicated and experienced support

Our Analytics 360 services give you dedicated and experienced support from analytics managers allocated specifically to your account. We also offer customised training from our team of experts, guidance for all of your technical needs and anything else we can do to help your business run smoothly and effectively to its maximum potential, 24/7.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in a wide range of sectors - from education to retail, gambling, eCommerce and more. Whether we're pulling user data by encrypted ID, integrating your CRM with GA for analysis of user behaviours or building remarketing audiences with DoubleClick based on engaged users, we can accommodate all your needs.

We also conduct frequent analysis pieces to spot trends and behaviors for optimisation purposes, followed by regular updates and feedback via daily, weekly and monthly reports, as specified by you.

Accurate and effective data collection

As well as auditing your current setup, we'll ensure that any data collected is accurate and effective for business intelligence, communicate with your team, understand business goals and formulate an implementation plan accordingly.

In addition to our services as a certified Analytics 360 reseller, we also specialise in using tag management solutions to improve data collection, with minimum to no involvement of your IT resources.

Our pricing structure

Our tier-based pricing model means we provide both quality and quantity in our pricing structure. We offer Analytics 360 customers our expert services at one of the most competitive prices on the market with a fixed, annual fee - and no hidden surprises.

We're here to make data analysis easier for you. As a reseller we're flexible and will work with you to create a tailored package based on your requirements and the relevant resource needed. We can also change the pricing structure as appropriate - for example, if you needed three training sessions and no data analysis.

What you can expect as Analytics 360 customer

With a variety of features at your disposal through Analytics 360 you'll also get a number of Jellyfish-specific perks such as:

Technical audit

We examine your existing setup to ensure your data is collected properly and is accurate to use for analysis later. This vital stage validates your previous year’s data for comparison purposes and eliminates any errors.

Onsite visits

Onsite visits are important. We sit down with you and your team on a one-to-one basis to understand how we can offer valuable insights into establishing business goals and requirements. These conditions will be used as a foundation for your account setup and an ongoing communication to revise and change the setup to suit your business.

Technical implementation

Technical implementation can be achieved many ways through hard coding or tag management solutions (GTM). Our vast experience in tag managers will speed up your implementation and configuration for specific requirements, as identified during our onsite visit.

Tailored training

Training is a necessity for data-driven decisions for any team. We can tailor our training for any need - from using analytics to GTM tagging guides that will help your staff use the software productively. We can deliver training during onsite visits, here at Jellyfish or even remotely.

Data insight

And finally, in order to acquire new users and increase conversions, it’s essential that you understand user behaviour. Our data insights analyse your data so you can make informed optimisation and marketing decisions.

As an example, we would look into the demographic data to understand your prime audience. Google Analytics dashboards can also be created and automated to distribute to the relevant stakeholders at appropriate intervals. This helps you track key metrics and pinpoint opportunities and successes.

We can share the dashboards among your staff as directed by you, and schedule automatic distribution via email at a given date.

User identification

Traditional web analytics is based on cookies, rather than users. However, this doesn't reflect the modern world, as users increasingly access websites through a multitude of devices (not to mention the frequency with which cookies are deleted).

Google Analytics allows you to set a persistent User ID to connect the same user, once they've identified themselves, across multiple sessions, browsers, and platforms - even if they delete their cookies.

Implementing the User ID feature across your domains, you can get a user-centric view of your customers, giving you insight into the behaviour of repeat customers, and optimising your marketing efforts for KPIs such as customer lifetime value (CLV). You also get access to an exclusive set of cross-device reports, to analyse how users engage with your content on different browsers and devices across multiple sessions.

Measurement Protocol

Using Google Analytics 360 Measurement Protocol, we can programmatically send data from your CRM data or offline interactions, such as in-store sales to Google Analytics 360, tying the information to a unique identifier (User ID) generated by your CRM. So you can close the loop between offline and online.

For some websites, micro and macro conversions occur through the phone. Integrating a call tracking solution with Google Analytics gives you invaluable data, as you can identify what channels/campaigns/keywords are most likely to generate leads that convert, what are the user patterns that make your prospects pick up the phone, and test operators' sales tactics. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

Call tracking integrates perfectly with Google Analytics 360, enabling you to trigger events and goals for all the data that you collect, with approximately 99.9% accuracy.

Custom dimensions and metrics

As well as the default 300+ dimensions and metrics, Google Analytics 360 enables you to use up to 200 custom dimensions and 200 custom metrics. This is ten times the data collection capacity available in the standard version of Google Analytics. You can also use custom dimensions and metrics to collect information about users and their context - from active time to customer lifetime value and repeat purchases.


We define and set up your custom dimensions and metrics and their relevant attributes.


We send custom dimension and metric values to Google Analytics 360 from a website, app or your CRM.


We process data using your custom dimension and metric definitions and any view (profile) filters.


We build new reports using your custom dimensions and metrics for big data analysis within the interface and in your BI tools.

Google Analytics 360 Agreement

In marketing, data is everything, so it's important that you take steps to protect your online data to ensure you capture every last action.

You can be confident that your Google Analytics 360 data is protected, both physically and online. Data collected by Google Analytics 360 is completely anonymous, and collecting personally identifiable information is in violation of their privacy policy. This means that your date is owned by you, not Google, and they can only access it directly with your written consent.

Google Analytics 360 protects your website data through:

• Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology

• Policies stated in the Google Privacy Policy

• The US Safe Harbour Privacy Principles

We promise you a 99.9% uptime for data collection, 99% uptime one data reporting, and real-time collection of under four hours – enabling you to export ALL data for permanent storage.


Our Service Level Agreement (SLA)

To protect your data, we offer a robust Service Level Agreement (SLA) offering 24/7 support and attention if anything goes wrong, and a full month's refund for any loss in data. 

Data is stored across multiple servers for peak protection and guarantee, proving that our service level agreement (SLA) is one of the best. What's more, if you use Google Tag Manager, as a Google Analytics 360 customer you will also receive an SLA on GTM. When compared to the overall price you would pay for other tag management solutions with an SLA this represents outstanding value for money.

What is DoubleClick?

DoubleClick is an ad-technology platform that enables advertisers to create, manage and grow effective digital marketing campaigns, and compare performance across all digital marketing channels.

Full DoubleClick reporting for ROAS insights has ViewThrough reporting for users who saw an ad but didn't click, and then visited your website later. Display ad impressions and clicks within attribution give you visibility into the order of marketing channel touch points.

You can also apply standard attribution models, or the data-driven attribution model, which evaluate where channels have the most impact.

DoubleClick Bid Manager generates audience lists from your web traffic based on user characteristics, preferences, and activities. Data is sent in real time for programmatic marketing.

The key features and benefits of DoubleClick integration with GA360 over competitors include:

  • DoubleClick data is available in Google Analytics multi-channel funnel report suite.

  • DoubleClick's integration is done reliably on the server-side, rather than through an API.

  • DoubleClick integration comes at no extra charge to clients using GA360 and DFA.

  • Google Analytics can integrate with multiple floodlight IDs.

Why use data-attribution modeling?


Credit is distributed automatically across marketing channels allowing you to define your own goals and metrics. The model regularly refreshes to adapt to changes in your marketing strategy and provide an up-to-date view of the performance attribution of all your channels.


Detailed insights into the individual contribution of a marketing channel, for both converting and non-converting paths, to provide clear guidance and make better data-driven marketing decisions.

Cross-platform Integrated

In addition to integrations with Google products such as the Google Display Network, AdWords, and YouTube, you can pull in data from virtually any digital channel and offline interactions.


Google Analytics 360 customers get the advantage of having our dedicated service through a specifically designated accounts manager and support team.

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