We have extensive experience working with most of the leading tag management providers including Google Tag Manager, Tealium, Ensighten and Adobe Dynamic Tag Management.

An increasing number of businesses are waking up to the benefits of tag management solutions. We can price one-off projects, or provide retained support (including combining with Analytics Consultancy) as part of a retainer.

We’re also able to offer training for your in-house team if you want one of our experts to spend some time getting everybody up-to-speed. If you would like more information, our experts will be happy to help.

Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Jellyfish is a Google Tag Manager Certified Partner. We belong to a small group of Google Analytics Certified Partners who have been specifically vetted by Google to support GTM.

Since its launch in 2012, GTM has gained users faster than any other tag management solution in history. In fact, it’s estimated that as of December 2014, it was implemented on over 630,000 websites globally, making it by far the most-used tag management solution on the market.


GTM is designed to be a simple-to-use solution, but if you’d like some support, we’re happy to help. We are heavy GTM users, which means we’re perfectly placed to help you. Whether you need an installation from scratch, a specific one-off project, or a review of your configuration, we have the expertise and the knowledge to support a hassle-free setup.

Benefits of GTM

  • Simple and fast tag deployment

  • It’s free to use

  • Advanced functionality, rules, testing, debugging and secure user permissions

  • Use the GTM interface to insert tags

  • Automatic event detection without having to modify to page source code

  • Supports tags from most other vendors

  • Works on mobile websites and apps

  • There’s an SLA for Google Analytics 360 customers

As Google Analytics 360 Suite resellers, we also support Tag Manager 360, the enterprise version of the product. 

Over the past year, we’ve seen an explosion in the number of people using GTM. Thousands of users are discovering the benefits of this code and the speed and reduction in IT resources it can help deliver. The integrated nature of the Google stack (such as Google Analytics, AdWords, DoubleClick Campaign Manager, DoubleClick Bid Manager, etc.) also supports the combined integration of the Google tools for the most effective results - allowing you to get the most from their capabilities.

We can price one-off projects, or can provide retained support including combining GTM support with Google Analytics as part of a retainer. We’re also able to offer training for your in-house team if you want one of our experts to spend some time getting everybody up-to-speed.

If you would like more information, our experts are happy to help.

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