Jellyfish and The Drum debate Twitter’s ad proposition for brands

| 18 Jun, 2015

In the wake of Twitter’s CEO, Dick Costolo, resigning, The Drum brought together experts to debate Twitter’s social proposition in their ‘The task facing Twitter's next boss: How its new CEO can shake up its ads for brands’ article.

As the social giant seek their next CEO amidst ever-growing social competition in the era of video and mobile, Twitter will have to stay agile, but how?

Hannah Rainford, Senior Social Manager at Jellyfish acknowledged clear implications of challenges afoot:

“[Twitter] has a high proportion of inactive Twitter accounts, which potentially indicates a usability or ineffectiveness issue with new users who are enticed to initially sign up. Without the user base – those looking to spend money on the Twitter Ads platform may be discouraged or may look to take their spend to Facebook, which has the same targeting abilities but has a larger user base.”

Forrester’s findings agree with Hannah, in that people feel they are getting more use for their money with  paid Facebook ads, despite The Drum emphasising Twitter ads are more affordable than people perceive.

Twitter’s interim chief executive, Jack Dorsey, says keeping the ad offering current to brands is still paramount following Dick’s resignation and that strategy will not change…

The article looks at some of Twitter’s ‘wins’ and failed or somewhat challenging ventures:

Twitter wins and challenges

Twitter’s main proposition is clear, it provides real-time information and over 9,000 posts every second.

The Drum put the question out there, can Twitter successfully make the leap to creating engagement beyond the 140 character Tweet…?

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