What our clients think of us is who we are. Our goal is to always deliver the unrivalled skills, knowledge and service that make us their chosen digital partner. See what they say:

Nellie Melbourne, Retention Manager

"The Jellyfish Toyota Loves immediately worked for the team. It’s simple, warm, flexible and directly powerful. It aligns itself well to the brand as we strive to communicate the genuine care and attention that Toyota gives customers."

Robert Lancashire, Digital Performance Manager

"Over the past two years we’ve been impressed with every aspect of Jellyfish. They very clearly want to ensure you get the maximum ROI and have helped us developed our analytics to a data-rich suite of useful information to do that."

David Dyett, Head of Acquisition Marketing

"I hired Jellyfish mid 2016 for their experience in paid search. I have been impressed with their interest and curiosity in our business, their range of skills and that they’ve delivered campaigns which have truly improved our ROI."

Wendy Dawes-Schoonjans, Head of Global Brand & Innovation

"At Jellyfish, you don’t just feel like another client. No question is too much to ask nor obstacle too hard to overcome. They know what they’re doing and are one of the friendliest agencies I have worked with, a true digital partner."

Chirag C Shah, Digital Marketing and Analytics Team Lead

"Jellyfish provided end to end support as a partner that held our hand through the entire process – the line between us has blurred, it feels like we’re one team that works with one goal in mind - which I love. "

Jeff Tognola, Chief Marketing Officer

"Remarketing keeps us relevant with people conducting their research. No matter where a potential student started their journey—on a desktop, tablet, or phone—with Jellyfish, we can ensure we stay at the top of their list."

David Carns, Executive Vice President

"They listened to us first, they heard us talk about the company and our customers - they even interviewed our customers to figure out who we are and translate our personality into writing."

Daniel O’Reilly, Web Analyst

"I like to get a feel for the people, both guys that came up very very personable, it was very easy talking to them, very informal - but they knew their stuff and that’s what impressed me more."

Hannah Gray, Head of Operations

"Jellyfish enable us to be at the forefront of new technologies and innovations so we can see things changing as they happen - and that’s really important to Bower as we continue to grow."

Debbie James Head of Product

"We're incredibly pleased with how our new website looks and performs and have found our experience of working with Jellyfish a real joy."

Michelle Castillo, Director of Online Marketing

"Jellyfish is not just an agency, but is truly an extension of our digital marketing team. Not only did they have a firm understanding of our business objectives and goals, they established better processes and executed strategy."

Jeremy Thomson Managing Director

"This was a brilliantly constructed, expertly executed initiative that went to the heart of the challenge and tackled influential consumers with poorly informed, lazy presumptions about the car, using their experiential journey to persuade others."

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