Getting under the skin of your website is the first step in optimization and leads us towards effectively improving conversion rate.

Using a combination of qualitative and quantitative behavior analysis, we uncover barriers and provide detailed recommendations that will improve your bottom line.

The audit will lead to detailed, quick-win, actionable recommendations categorized by our 6 key dimensions, laid out in a suggested roadmap towards achieving your success targets within the given time frames.

These will be the changes and plans that we will propose to test with, towards improving your conversion rate. We have a broad range of effective tools to choose from in order to achieve the best results.

Our optimization toolbox

Competitor analysis

We complete an in-depth view of the competitors in your market, what techniques they are using, and how this impacts your digital business and your customers.

Qualitative interviews with internal and external stakeholders

In order to get the tactical knowledge hidden in the organization, and understand the critical touch points in the customer's user journey, we conduct qualitative interviews with stakeholders. This is done using a variation of both closed and open-ended questions conducted by experienced interviewers.

Analytics to run user behavior analysis

We identify the conversion-critical paths that key segments follow & identify the critical entry, drop-off and exit points/pages within the different funnels (decision, sale, etc.) as well as conversion barriers that need to be optimized using a wide range of metrics.

Heatmap to run user behavior analysis

Just by deploying a simple tracking script, we can observe, learn and inform our recommendation after analyzing the user's mouse movement, mouse clicks, attention maps, and scroll reach as well as the form interaction.

Predictive eye-tracking

We inform our recommendations after analyzing what the users would eye-track the first 5-7 seconds upon landing to make sure that the who, the why and the what-to-do-next is tracked effectively. It's a pretty cool technology and really helps us see what your consumer's behavior would be.

Live user testing

To increase our understanding of the funnel, we want to get the video-recorded, task-based feedback of how targeted users behave while interacting with the pages, what the conversion barriers are and where improvements can take place.

Our 3-step audit process

Just so you understand what happens when you come to us for an optimization audit as part of your marketing strategy, we've devised a process guide.

Step 1: Consultation

We meet with you to obtain a clear understanding of how your site flows and what the conversion events are. This allows us to define a conversion path or funnel that we investigate to find its strengths and weaknesses. We may need to install analytics and user behavior tracking code in order to harvest all possible and relevant optimization data (depending on what’s required, some technology costs may be incurred, but we will let you know before implementing).

Step 2: Research

We carefully document your visitor website interaction and analyze the performance across the conversion paths from start to finish. This is where we identify the hidden issues that can creep into your website and that prevent users from completing goals with minimum effort. We'll document our findings and recommendations including appropriate heat maps, eye-tracking reports, funnel reports, analytics data and even live user video.

Step 3: Recommendations

The last part of the audit process is to provide detailed, actionable recommendations. These are the changes we believe you should test first that will most benefit the conversion rate of your website. Should you wish to develop our ideas into pages for testing, then the audit document can be used as the foundation for your conversion optimization plan.

Next steps

Following the optimization audit, we suggest an optimization plan where we can design, build, set up and run experiments for you using the testing platform of your choice and report on the results, advise how to make further improvements and develop your website optimization strategy.

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