A/B split testing for accelerated growth

A/B testing is one of the most widely adopted methods for conversion optimisation as well as one of the most technologically supported. It’s also one of the hardest to do effectively.

We know what it takes to empower a business to do incremental and iterative growth as well as how to saturate it with a rewarding testing culture.

At Jellyfish, our experts were A/B testing years before it became mainstream and we build our testing strategies on proven methodologies, scientifically based persuasion techniques, and architecture rooted in psychology.

Doing effective A/B split testing is not enough for accelerated or exponential growth. You need to know if your organisation gets more value from high-volume testing where the focus is all about speed of testing and win rates, or the more traditional quality-over-quantity optimisation cycle process. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. 

Knowing what to do, when to do it, and how to do it is one thing - but also applying years of experience and a unique knowledge of the human decision process is key to our success for optimization using A/B split testing here at Jellyfish.

Multi-variant testing

Multi-variant testing examines how different page elements combine with each other to create varying results. 

Conducting effective multi-variant testing requires specialised knowledge and an understanding how to analyse the underlying statistical effect in order to not call out a test as a false positive, or worse, a false negative.

Multi-variant testing can really help get a multitude of learnings of the importance on how you leverage every single pixel on the users screen to the fullest and to what extent different elements affect each other in ways that it is not possible to examine in other methods.

At Jellyfish, we have run hundreds of multi-variant tests and know all the pitfalls and special tricks to minimise the testing time and maximise the effect of the test with the least amount of effort.


We are experts in all industry leading MVT testing tools

Personalisation is all about people and scalability

The secret behind personalisation is not only delivering the right content at the right time but also being able to scale content production, reusing the content, and putting content together to form a new personalised message.

The goal of marketing is always to try to get the most value from the least amount of budget spent, and historically, this meant hitting as wide and hard as possible - finding the most common denominator among the customers and then focusing on that across a broad range of media.

However, the more you understand your audience and connect with them personally, the more return you'll get on your marketing investment.

The word 'personalisation' has become overused in recent years. It can be used to describe anything from slightly targeted banners to full-blown 1:1 marketing techniques. As a result, it’s become a somewhat confusing terminology. To master true personalisation, you really need just three things:

  1. A profound understanding of your customers’ needs
  2. An ability to meet this on a one-to-one basis (or as close as you can get to it)
  3. The ability to scale this to the largest extent possible

This may mean you need help finding and implementing the right tool for delivering the right content to the right person at the right time. Or it could mean creating a platform and methodology for content creating that is flexible and can be put together in myriad ways.

Optimisation tools

At Jellyfish, we are experts in a number of personalisation platforms and tools, and all depending on your needs and your business, we can utilize those for the most effective use in relation to getting exponential growth.



More and more companies are looking towards Qubit in order to satisfy their vision for doing personalisation, and the platform is highly effective in terms of doing personalisation. At Jellyfish, we have worked on several projects that utilise the personalisation power of Qubit.

Google Optimize 360

At Jellyfish, we work with Google Optimize 360, and we’ve been involved with it since it’s first BETA tests and found it a highly powerful platform that enables some wonderful ways to personalise your website based on the data stored within your Google Analytics account. It also has some great options for connecting site personalisation with your marketing campaigns, especially if you’re spending on search and display.


We’ve been using Optimizely for years and were really pleased to see the launch of the personalisation tool. We’ve been very impressed by the underlying technology and the ability to plug in just about any data imaginable, as well as doing advanced machine learning analysis on big data, it’s a great tool for effective personalisation.

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