Can I use DoubleClick without going through a DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partner?

Google recommends that advertisers go directly through Google Partners. They have carefully selected a handful of agencies to serve as DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partners in order to provide advertisers the best possible experience when using the platform. Going through a Google partner provides an accessible technical support team, accelerated response times, and tailored assistance.

What does training with Jellyfish entail? What will I be able to do afterward?

Jellyfish offers training for both DoubleClick Bid Manager and DoubleClick Campaign Manager.

DoubleClick Bid Manager training provides a detailed walk-through of the platform and provides a basic understanding of:

  • Setting up campaigns
  • Prospecting (audience, category, geo, keyword, and more)
  • Retargeting
  • Standard reporting

DoubleClick Campaign Manager training provides a basic understanding of:

  • Creating floodlights
  • Building first party audiences
  • Developing campaigns
  • Standard reporting

We recommend at least some prior knowledge of working with DoubleClick or a similar platform if you intend to be self-service.

Does Jellyfish work with other agencies? Are there agency rates?

Yes, Jellyfish has a standalone technology solutions group, known as Jellyfish Dynamix. As a DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partner, the Dynamix team works with any agency to provide DoubleClick technology for use with their clients. There are not specific agency rates. Learn more about Jellyfish Dynamix

What does it cost to use DoubleClick?

Pricing depends on which DoubleClick technology you are using either DBM, DCM, or DS. Please contact us for more information.

Why are there technology fees and service fees?

Technology fees are passed through to Google for the use of the DoubleClick technology. Service fees are for the ongoing support provided by Jellyfish.

What is the difference between fully-managed and self-service? Is there a hybrid option?

For fully managed clients, Jellyfish manages all campaigns on our clients’ behalf and reports on those campaigns. This is similar to a typical agency/client relationship. Ongoing support includes but is not limited to account set up, GTM set up, floodlight creation, custom variable setup, audience creation, campaign setup, etc.

For self-service clients, Jellyfish provides one month of fully managed services to setup and train our clients. After the first month, clients will run campaigns and monitor day-to-day results utilizing an internal team while Jellyfish continues to provide an ongoing level of support to meet each client’s needs.  

The hybrid option is our consulting service. For this option, Jellyfish provides a higher level of support than the self-service model. We will be more proactive in your campaigns including but not limited to making recommendations for optimization, ongoing training, campaign setup, etc.

Is there a higher rate for rich media (video, banner, instream) impression and CPM rates?

Yes, there are higher CPM rates for rich media. Please contact us for rates.

When using DoubleClick Campaign Manager, are there additional fees based on the file size?

Unlike many other competitive products in the marketplace, DoubleClick does not charge additional fees based on the file size.

What is a DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partner?

A DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partner is a verified expert of the Google DoubleClick platform. Jellyfish, and particularly, Jellyfish Dynamix, our technology solutions group, serves as a trusted and reliable DoubleClick partner to support advertisers and agencies in creating, managing and growing their high-impact digital marketing campaigns. 

What is the relationship between Google and Jellyfish?

Jellyfish, as a DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partner, manages the technology and services for advertisers and agencies on behalf of Google. As an extension of Google, Jellyfish and Jellyfish Dynamix - our technology solutions group - provide full and direct access to the DoubleClick platform. Through this and consultative services, Jellyfish delivers what you need to succeed. 

What is behavioral targeting?

Behavioral targeting includes segmenting and grouping people based on their online behavior. This typically refers to content consumed on the web or in applications. This nearly always originates from publishers either directly, in the form of second-party data, or indirectly through a data aggregator in the form of third-party data. There are hundreds of thousands of segments available off the shelf and custom audiences can be created.

What is the difference between the DoubleClick platforms?
  • DoubleClick Bid Manager is a demand-side platform (DSP) that enables advertisers to purchase display ad inventory via real-time bidding exchanges.
  • DoubleClick Campaign Manager is an advertiser ad server that simplifies trafficking tasks and reporting as well as allows for direct media buys.  
  • DoubleClick Search is a search management platform that allows advertisers to run campaigns across multiple engines and media channels.
  • DoubleClick Studio is a tool to easily create rich media creative quickly.
How does the integration with Analytics 360 (previously Google Analytics Premium) and DoubleClick work?

The DoubleClick platforms share the DoubleClick Cookie ID and Google ID, which in turn is mapped to device IDs from mobile devices.

Can I use DoubleClick Campaign Manager without DoubleClick Bid Manager or vice versa?

Yes, absolutely. However, if you buy media programmatically alongside direct buys, there are major benefits to using DoubleClick Bid Manager and DoubleClick Campaign Manager together. Contact us and we will advise on your specific position.

Can I facilitate private deals with DoubleClick?

Yes. Either contact your desired publishers (directly or through the ad exchanges) and let us know the Deal ID that you have negotiated. We will make that inventory source available to your account. If you wish to discover packages available from publishers this can be done by contacting your account manager and briefing them.

Can I advertise on Apps with DoubleClick?

Of course! Apps, mobile web, connect TVs, PCs, tablets, desktop—as devices become available, we’ll keep you updated.

I have a niche audience. Can DoubleClick get very granular?

Yes, especially when you consider overlaying context (placement) and audience data.

What are the different types of ad units DoubleClick can serve?
  • Image
  • Gif
  • HTML5
  • In-Feed banners (aka native ads)
  • Rich Media Banners (see
  • In-banner video
  • In-stream video
  • Facebook news feed and RHR (Desktop only)
  • TrueView  
  • Page Skins
  • Anything that adheres to the open RTB 2.3 standard
Does DoubleClick allow me to pick the exact sites, devices, formats, and audiences?

Absolutely—any combination of variables and audiences that are available as well as positive or negative targeting variables. For example: If you want to target all the mobile devices with the language set to Nordic, browsing the Foursquare app, over the age of 75, in Anchorage—that person is yours.

What are the available Report Types?
  • DBM provides the option to generate reports for planning and audience targeting—including overlap and availability to help scope out display activity.
  • There are campaign and performance reports and a custom report builder that gives access to myriad vectors, dimensions, and metrics to assess your activity. All reports are downloadable in .csv format.
  • The reporting and attribution center in DCM gives access to cross-channel reporting and both rule-based and data-driven attribution models.
Can I set up my own KPIs and metrics for success?

Yes. This is partly determined by how you tag your site, app or other digital assets. You can then report on these as well as use DoubleClick Bid Manager’s buying algorithm to optimize your campaigns to your goals automatically.

Can I use a third-party data platform to manage or analyze where and how my data gets used? Who owns my Data?

Can Google share my data with other companies? Most DMP platforms are natively integrated with DoubleClick Bid Manager and DoubleClick Campaign Manager, so access to your custom data is simple. You have full control of your data sets and audience lists within the platform. DoubleClick is a pure-play ad tech vendor, unlike many others operating in the programmatic space, and as such, have no interest in using their client’s data to power other advertisers’ campaigns.  

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