DoubleClick Search is an enterprise-level tool within Google’s Digital Marketing Platform for advertisers to manage keyword campaigns, bids, performance, and reports.

It facilitates campaigns across many search engines including Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Yahoo Search Marketing, all in one place.

This singular tool helps companies to effectively and efficiently manage all search engine campaigns while also integrating with the entire DoubleClick Digital Marketing platform.

DoubleClick Search benefits 

Fresh, fast data - The tool provides industries the freshest sales and search engine data which can blend with companies' own data.

Efficient campaign management - Companies saw an average 20% decrease in workflow costs using scalable, flexible rules.

Enhanced performance - Businesses can drastically increase conversion rate by up to 32% with fresher data and intra-day bidding.

Unified reporting - DoubleClick reporting includes clear attribution modeling and cross-channel insights.

DoubleClick Search helps agencies and marketers efficiently manage some of the largest search marketing campaigns in the world.

Why retailers love it  

  • Feeds update up to 100x per day at no extra cost
  • Customers are supported using Merchant Center Aggregator accounts (often in hundreds of millions of products)
  • Google’s architecture ensures reliability, speed, and data freshness
  • Shopping capabilities and reporting are unrivaled
  • Sibyl is the most advanced bidding technology in the market


    The benefits for lead generation 

    • Custom variables in Floodlights are used to learn more about the leads
    • Call data and offline metrics integrated into DoubleClick Search influence bidding decisions and attribution
    • Bid strategies are automated to work towards CPA goals 

    How does DoubleClick Search interact with the rest of the DoubleClick Platform?

    The DoubleClick platform allows for advertisers to see their DoubleClick Search campaigns side-by-side with campaigns running in DoubleClick Campaign Manager.

    Uniform floodlights - Use the same floodlights to track and report across all tools in DoubleClick.

    Keyword Remarketing List - Push keyword remarketing lists from DoubleClick Search to Bid Manager, allowing insights from paid search to inform display ad buys.

    Integration with Google Analytics 360 - Utilize actionable information about which marketing ideas and channels are working.

    Protect your investment

    You want to get the most out of your ad budget and so does Jellyfish. Our experts created a powerful tool, SafetyNet, to track activity for performance anomalies.

    SafetyNet uses a combination of DoubleClick tools and alerts to safeguard your account against errors that result in downtime or wasted spending.

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