Beyond the inbox

Evolution of email

The email evolution is here! Email has had the same functionality since the late 90’s. In digital technology years, it has been eons since email had any kind of refresh, but that's changing today. 

Expect to see additional major shifts taking place as email gets a much-needed facelift. A few notable recent innovations include:

Sponsored ads

Target ad campaigns based on the email people are receiving.

SEO for mobile search

Smartphone search abilities are evolving and should be considered when writing content.

Google inbox email markup

Empower your emails using markup.

Social integration

Match your email list to the data available on social networks to gain learnings, build lookalike audiences, and perform specified targeting.

OmniChannel personalisation

You can target and personalise ads based on your audience's behavior across channels. Each digital channel is used with varying intent.


These are additional features that allow the user to take action without even opening an email.

  • One-Click Action
  • RSVP Action
  • Review Action
  • Go-to Action



This allows the user to see several news sources tiled horizontally.

Order Confirmations

These features provide the parcel information in a tile.

  • Order
  • Delivery
  • Invoice


    Provides a visual opportunity to highlight your promotional content prior to the user opening your email.

    • Offer 



    Confirms the reservation and allows for easy updates by the user without needing to open their email.

    • Event
    • Flight
    • Hotel
    • Rental Car
    • Restaurants
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