Six testing ideas to help optimize your copy for conversion

| 04 Nov, 2014

CRO Manager Laurence Heinrichs gives six ideas to improve your copy for conversion in our latest Insights video.

Laurence Heinrichs gives six ideas to improve your copy for conversion in our latest Insights video

Video transcription

I'm going to give you six ideas to improve your copy for conversion.

My first testing idea would be to tell you don't list your feature. What is important is, instead of listing your product feature, speak about client's benefits. Tell them what they are going to get from your product or your service. 

Let's take an example. If you have a website which says we offer you 24 hours a day support, you can transform that and say something like 'Get help at any time'. 

My second testing idea is test different headlines. Your headline is the most important thing on your pages. You need to try different headlines. You don't have to be afraid. 

For example, what I would recommend you do is to do different tests based on your traffic sources, because there is not just one perfect headline. One headline might work better for you on your PPC traffic, but another headline might work better on your organic traffic. When you write your headline, don't forget that you need to mention your user's problem and to present the solution. 

Another thing I would recommend you do is to test adding different CTAs on your content. You don't have to restrict to just one big button on the top of your page. What you have to do is insert some links in your content. 

For example, let's say you are selling some wine online, and one of your red wines has received an award. When you're mentioning that on your content, just add links and make the name of your wine clickable so when the user clicks on it he will directly land on the specific product page. 

Another thing you should absolutely do is prove what you claim. For example, if you claim on your website that you are the biggest UK reseller or that you have the cheapest software, you need to prove it. My tips would be add numbers, add figures, or add, for example, case studies or client testimonials, anything that will support what you are saying on your website. 

You need to make your product tangible, people like tangible things, especially if you are selling a service online and not a product. My tips for this test would be to add numbers. For example, you can say something like the three reasons why you should buy this product, or get a quote in three steps. 

You should also test offering a gift on the website, but what you have to do is pay attention to the way you present the offer. For example, let's say you are selling chocolate online. You don't want to get all the bad leads. You don't want to get the bargain hunters. Instead of saying get one free sample of my chocolate box, you should say something like buy one and get another one for free. 

Now, start testing. What I would recommend you do is think about all these ideas I gave you. Start testing your headlines. Start testing your call to action. There is always a place for improvement. When you are writing your copy, don't forget to use customer-centric language, because this is really the key to copywriting for conversion.

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