Demystifying The Dreaded DS Sync Errors

Blog | 14 Jun, 2018

DoubleClick is very much like that one favourite friend that can be a bit of a wild card. Reliable, helpful, makes life easier, and then suddenly she breaks up with her boyfriend and you’re rushing over in the middle of the night because she’s threatening to break into Woolworths if you don’t bring her some chocolate ice cream right now. 

That’s DS for you, minus the ice cream.

The most common hair-pulling issue DS makes us deal with are sync errors. They’re unpredictable and lurk behind any given tab, anytime. Fear not though - a good number can be easily dealt with and we will run through some of the more common ones:

1.Before doing anything else - read the sync errors message

The Sync Errors message can be extremely helpful and shouldn’t be disregarded just because, at first glance, they might look like a whole lot of gibberish.

The message below doesn’t seem to tell you much, but if you read carefully until the very end, it actually tells you exactly what the problem is.

A quick investigation into the account, and behold - it is revealed that a couple of sneaky App Install Ads found their way into regular campaigns. 

Bottom line – give the scary looking chunk of text a chance. 

2. Stubborn sitelink sync errors

  • Check Bing – make sure all your URLs are Final URLs. If not, move any stubborn Destination URLs to Final URL level.
  • Sync again (don’t forget to tick the “fix all sync errors” box).

  • Check for unassociated Sitelinks

  • Add Sitelink URL in DS

3. Ad copy text sync error – the text element of the TextAd object is not valid

  • Check for any excess symbols, especially double exclamation marks. Try replacing ampersand with “and” and removing any unnecessary dashes. 

No luck?

  • Check for hidden spaces, especially after the last letter or symbol in any of the headlines and/or description lines. Don’t forget to save and refresh the page after each of the tests to ensure the error is gone for good.

4. Sync errors caused by landing page test 

  • Check your landing page test and compare to current KW landing pages. If your current landing page is not either of the ones being tested, then that’s what is causing the issue. 

Landing Page Test:

Actual Landing Page:

5. One or more of the keyword bid values are less than the floor price

  • Basically, you’re being cheap. Bump those bids up and sync again.

If all else fails…

Sooner or later you will encounter sync errors that you can’t figure out, and in those cases, there is always an excellent DS support team to lean on, either in form of chat or simply by reaching out via email.

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