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Blog | 23 Nov, 2018


Google Marketing Platform launches in South Africa 

Jellyfish, an official Google Marketing Platform Partner (GMP), co-presented at the first SA GMP event that was held at Google’s South African offices in October. GMP is aligned with Google’s strategic focus of integrating products for improved functionality. Jellyfish is confident that this new platform is set to disrupt the South African market.

Head of Google Channel Partnerships at Jellyfish SA, Mauritz Gilfillian, is excited about this latest product news. “The positioning of Google and DoubleClick products in the country has overlapped and confused the market. This new, consolidated approach provides clarity.” Gilfillian explained that GMP can improve enterprise performance through this innovative and integrated end-to-end analytics and marketing platform.

What is the Google Marketing Platform? 

Google Marketing Platform (GMP) is a unified advertising and analytics platform that allows you to deliver smarter, faster marketing and is based on the existing and new integrations between DoubleClick and the Google Analytics 360 Suite.

GMP Products

For the past 22 years, big advertisers have traditionally relied on DoubleClick for the competitive advantage in the media buying landscape. GMP has integrated both DoubleClick and Google Analytics 360 as the newly improved and rebranded Google Marketing Platform.

Combining world-class marketing solutions, such as Display and Video 360, as well as Search Ads 360 and Analytics 360, GMP affords you the efficiency of managing the entire customer journey in a seamless and integrated manner. 

These platforms, combined holistically, allow a media buyer greater control in digital marketing, ensuring they are able to plan, execute, optimise and track digital media campaigns more effectively.

Improved functionalities with Google Marketing Platform

  • Deliver faster, smarter marketing with automated processes 
  • Gain greater control over investments and make informed, performance-driven decisions
  • Integrate and access data to gain a more complex view of your audience
  • Share insights across your team and optimise marketing efforts. With data and reporting located in one central space, all team members will have a view to audience, media and business results

GMP set to disrupt the South African market 

GMP will afford digital marketers and media buyers a competitive advantage over their contemporaries with smarter tools and efficient integrations.

Senior Digital Analytics Manager at Jellyfish, Lewis Fantom, explained that “companies need to balance the notion of quick win and building an insight first approach to data collection. This way we are setting ourselves to become a digitally mature and a multi-moment business.” GMP has some of the following advantages over its predecessor:

Local support

Historically, there have been limited technical support services offered in the South African market, but GMP offers a fully functional, local support system. 

An integrated Campaign Manager within Display and Video 360

Google Marketing Platform includes a more integrated Campaign Manager within Display and Video 360, that allows you to preview creative within the DV360 platform itself, allowing for quicker creative optimisations. 

It’s a more efficient way to reach your respective audience

Google has always made it easy to manage audiences across different platforms, but with GMP it’s now even easier to activate audience lists. The new audience panel allows you to create and build new first-party data audiences from campaign activities. Advertisers can also create custom combinations across first-party, third-party and Google Audiences that can be saved and reactivated later. This new audience tool makes re-engagement and creative sequencing easier to deploy.

Data freshness and improved time-saving optimisations

Insights is a feature of the Google Marketing Platform, which allows you to preview data within the dashboard without having to export a .csv or excel file. Usable data can be generated within four hours as opposed to the previous time delay of 24 hours on standard analytics.


Jellyfish is an agency with a successful track record in analytics and is one of the few accredited Google Partners in southern Africa. We understand the importance of great data and so ensure our clients service excellence with bespoke packages.

We’re ready to work with innovative clients who are committed to building the perfect digital journeys for customers using the GMP. So, for more information contact our offices at tel:+27311002490, or visit our analytics page.

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