Introducing: Google Analytics Advanced Analysis

Blog | 03 Dec, 2018

Taking Google Analytics 360 data analysis even further

Google has launched a new extension of Google Analytics 360, aptly named Advanced Analysis, which is currently in Beta and is rolling out to 360 clients. This extension allows you to create your own bespoke reports on the fly. By creating your own interface, it allows you to see more of what you want and through an easier to read, more customisable format. We’ve already been using this with our clients and found it a valuable insights method!

Advanced Analysis dashboard

Advanced Analysis lets you use any data imported to GA from other products in the Google 360 suite, such as AdWords and DoubleClick Digital Marketing. Each analysis piece can be used to create segments of users and build audiences, making every report actionable. 

Each analysis may have multiple tabs, each tab can even display data using a different analysis technique. There are three different techniques one can employ:


Uses the crosstab layout that can be seen in standard Google Analytics.

Crosstab layout
An example of a custom Exploration you could use is to view the country of a user vs the different types or brands of clothing your company sells. In the table you could view the number of users, number of sessions and the revenue of each item. This could assist you in identifying which types or brands of clothing are selling better in each country so that you can market better in each location.  

Segment Overlap

Uses Venn Diagrams and a table below it to depict the relation of up to 3 user segments over a maximum of 5 dimensions and 10 metrics.

User overlap

An example of this could be to create a Venn Diagram of the users and device type that have converted and the medium they have arrived from, then add in dimensions and metrics into the table below the diagram to check the total sessions, number of users, number of conversions and conversion revenue. This would help you find a very specific group of users and easily create a segment for them so that you can use it in a remarketing list.


Allow for the visualisation of user journeys.

User journey funnels

An example of a funnel could be to track users progress through your multi-page registration. By being able to view each step of the process you could understand which step has more drop off and therefore edit or streamline the process. This is similar to the Custom Funnels already present for 360 customers, except without the need for Regex at each step, or a limitation on the number of steps!

By using the above techniques you can completely customise the way you or your organisation use Google Analytics. A result of this could be many more people finding it easier to use Google Analytics due to them not having to add in segments or navigating to find a specific report. All you need to do is have someone with some experience in the software to create the Analysis and then users with very little technical knowledge are enabled to easily view it and take in the important information.

To Wrap Up

Google Analytics Advanced Analysis is going to revolutionise the way many people use Google Analytics. What was once a really powerful tool has now turned into an incredibly flexible reporting system. The days of struggling to find your information and having to view many different reports to get insights are over. Now you can simply create a new Analysis with multiple tabs and have everything you need, at your fingertips. 

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