Social Media: Key takeouts from February 2017

Blog | 08 Mar, 2017

There may be less days in February but it doesn’t mean there’s less exciting news for social media marketing.

We’ve compiled the social media must-knows from last month, from platform to platform. As usual, Facebook remained the centre of attention but with its Spectacles, Snap. Inc gave Zuckerberg a good run for his money.


Facebook videos will now automatically play sound by default

No user EVER asked for this, but Facebook’s reportedly ready to start video playbacks with the sound turned on by default. This means that unless you phone is on silent, all videos in your news feed will have audio fading in as you scroll past. If you’re checking Facebook and your other half is sleeping next to you, I wish you good luck.

UGC is performing better than brand posts on Facebook

Although the number of posts per user declined by a big 30% in 2016, engagement was seven times higher than on brand posts. Going forward, securing brand advocacy will be instrumental - there’s nothing more powerful (and cost-effective) than brand advocates doing the marketing themselves!

Facebook is rolling out job postings and applications

Is Facebook looking to compete with LinkedIn? Businesses can now list jobs on their pages which users can apply for directly on the site through a pre-populated form. What’s more? It’s free. Look over your shoulder LinkedIn, Facebook’s coming for you!

It’s official: Facebook wants to be your next TV

Not content with entering the job market, Facebook also wants to go for these TV advertising dollars. Zuckerberg wants to position Facebook as a video platform for the “I want to watch videos now” people – similar to HBO or Netflix. In the coming months, expect a new video tab landing on the app.

Facebook’s ‘Discover People’ blurs the lines between networking and dating

The new Tinder, the new Netflix, now the new Tinder? A new feature has landed on Facebook in the US: called ‘Discover People’, it allows users to connect with nearby colleagues, people attending events you’re going to and even neighbours.


Twitter is pitching investors a new growth story

On Twitter, user growth has been stalling for months. In Q4 2016, only 2 million new accounts were created – and how many of those are genuine and not fakes or duplicates? However, CEO Dorsey has found a glimmer of hope as existing users tend to stick around and spend more time on it. User retention is even higher than on Facebook and Google! Will that be enough to please investors?

Why Twitter’s new anti-harassment tools will fail

Earlier this month, Twitter beefed up its safety efforts, to which this article replied: “Twitter’s new policies won’t solve the harassment problem, and they’ll ruin engagement.” Bold statement, but the writer highlights that more radical measures are needed (including user moderation) and if Twitter is indeed struggling, the responsibility lies with its leaders. 

Twitter: ‘Trump tweets are good for business’

Trump’s infamous tweets make the headlines on an almost daily basis. And it’s good for Twitter. Although it doesn’t help user growth, it “shows the power of Twitter” and broadens “the awareness of how the platform can be used”, said CFO Anthony Noto.


You can now share up to 10 photos and videos in one post on Instagram

Instagram stole the show this month with the introduction of the carousel feature. Users can now upload up to 10 photos and videos in a single post, a great opportunity for content-rich storytelling!

Sponsored Instagram posts average $300 each. Here’s a look at who makes more (or less)

Figures on how much influencers earn have always been opaque. A new study however shed some light on the discrepancies from one niche to the other. Modelling influencers can make as much as $434 for a single post on Instagram whereas lifestyle influencers earn “just” $172. Modelling, fitness and pets are the only three niches where influencers have over 100,000 followers on average.


Snapchat spectacles are now available online

But only in the US (for now). If you live elsewhere, worry not: Snap plans to “broaden the distribution of Spectacles”, so it’s likely you will be able to order them online soon. The funky Spectacles are sold for $129, or £105.

Why Snap’s Spectacles are the best social content investment brands can make right now

According to the author, getting your hands on Snap’s Spectacles is a worthwhile investment as they keep viewers engaged – something brands spend thousands on and to varying degrees of success. Going forward, more social network-connected wearables will come out, and something tells me that it won’t be long before Facebook announces its own version of Spectacles.


LinkedIn Premium subscribers just got a host of new features

LinkedIn unveiled a series of new features for Premium Career and Premium Business subscribers. Exclusive data insights and unlimited access to new products such as LinkedIn Learning & LinkedIn Salary are on the menu. The former product gives subscribers access to more than 9,000 courses while the latter allows users to filter jobs by salary. Enough for you to upgrade?

And in other news...

What counts as a video view on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat?

Everybody in the social media marketing world knows that video content is an absolute must-have these days. However, all social platforms have different metrics so if you want to benchmark video performance across platforms, have a look at this handy guide provided by Buffer.

The Queen will pay you £30,000 a year to tweet for her

Liz is on the lookout for a seasoned social media wizard! Earlier this month, a new job opening was posted for a full-time role managing the Queen’s social channels – the position, which include a £30,000 yearly salary, also comes with 33 days of paid holiday and a 15% employer contribution pensions scheme. Not to mention being the best ice breaker in the world: “Yeah, my job is to be the Queen on Twitter.”

Report: Emojis lead to higher engagement on Instagram

Emojis have been found to boost engagement by a whopping 17%! Why? Because they convey emotions, and emotions naturally trigger engagement. “Research has found that when we look at a smiling face online, the same parts of the brain are stimulated as when we look at a human face, said Julian Gottke, who led the study for Quintly.

Social Media becoming less ‘fun’ for consumers and brands need to go to basics, says study

New findings from UM revealed that 85% of social media users actively spend time managing their profiles online – the same way a brand would. Compared to seven years ago, users are also 40% less likely to go on social media for fun and 30% more likely to consider social networks as platforms for promoting their own self. “The omnipresence of social channels and mobile devices provides advertisers today with countless opportunities for engagement, but it is meaningful moments that connect brands with their audience in an emotionally relevant way”, said UM’s head of insight Glen Parker.

Missed anything? Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Until next month!

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