Three things you need to know about the Panda 4.2 algorithm update

| 08 Sep, 2015

SEO Manager, Dan Collier, shares his top three need-to-knows about the latest Google algorithm changes and how to protect your website from being penalised.

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Is Panda 4.2 an update?

Google representatives have made clear that Panda 4.2 is actually an algorithm refresh and not an algorithm update.

Therefore, all learnings from previous Panda updates are still applicable. 

Google wants to see high quality, rich content for your target users.

It’s slowly global

This is one of the slowest updates that we've experienced, but it's also one of the updates that's gone global straight off the bat. 

This goes some way to explaining why it's taking so long. The likelihood is that we're not going to realize the full impact of this update for months as opposed to days or weeks as per previous updates.

(Want to check whether you have been affected? Use our Google Penalty Checker to find out.)

Who’s affected?

Due to the slow roll out, it is hard to currently assess who the true winners and losers are, however it has been confirmed by Google that 2-3% of searches will be affected.

That being said, we've established that this is a refresh rather than an update so we can take our learnings over who is affected from the previous Panda algorithm update to understand who is going to be affected this time around.

Pierre Far from Google have previously said that small and medium size websites with high quality content will be the most affected by the previous updates, so it is safe to assume that this will be the case for this update.

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