Three things you need to know about Yahoo Gemini Native Ads

| 27 May, 2015

After experiencing some recent success with Yahoo Gemini Native Advertising, Scott Reason gives his run down of what is good and what's yet to be developed by Yahoo UK.

PPC Account Strategist, Scott Reason, shares the current benefits and yet to be improved aspects of Yahoo Gemini Native Ads.

1.) Optimised for mobile and tablet devices

With users using their mobile devices more and more, Yahoo Gemini Native Ads are optimised for mobile and tablet devices.

'This allows advertisers to connect to millions of mobile users through rich graphical ads specifically designed for mobile devices.'

2.) Keyword targeting available in the US - not yet UK

'Whereas in PPC the user is actively searching for a particular content, in the UK for Yahoo Gemini Native Ads your ads will show regardless what the user is browsing for.'

However, in the U.S. within your settings, you can target keyword phrases to find the more relevant audience and the chance to convert them better.

Yahoo Gemini Native Ads

3.) Set bids separately

Yahoo Gemini Native Ads allows you to set separate mobile bids for your mobile ads.

Whereas in Google you can only set a percentage increase or decrease across your mobile devices:

Yahoo Gemini Native Ads allows you to set a separate maxi PC bid for your mobile ads against your campaign CPC bid.

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