Top tips for Google+ video

| 02 Sep, 2014

Getting started with Google+ as an individual or as a brand can be simplified by knowing which parts of Google's social layer to concentrate on. Let our Social Media Manager Hannah Rainford walk you through her top five tips for getting started on Google+.

If you haven't set up a Google+ profile or brand page yet, read our handy how-to guide. If you're still not convinced as to why you should be using Google+, watch our first video on why you should be using it.

Video transcript

Hi, I'm Hannah. I'm an SEO and Social Manager here at Jellyfish, and today I'm going to be giving you my five top tips on getting started with Google+. Google+ is Google's very own social network, and if you're not using it or you're using it but not quite getting it quite right, now is a really good time to do it.

Here are my five top tips to get you started.

1. Complete your profile

It may sound like common sense, but you'd be surprised how many people don't complete their profile. The About Us section on your Google page or profile allows you to give information about your company or about yourself. Take advantage of the fact that Google+ allows you to put links and bullet points in there.

Google+ works really well with visual content, so make sure that you have a great cover photo, make sure it is something eye-catching and interesting because that will really help represent your brand. When choosing your profile picture, make sure you use something that represents your brand, like your logo, because every time you engage or interact with someone they will be able to see that profile and then link through to your page.

2. Be clever with content

Google+ is really good for sharing content, so it's important, if your creating content for your website or your blog, that you put it onto your Google+ page, and you can do this via communities or via your page.

As I said before, Google+ works really well with visual content. So think about photos and videos to put up on your Google+ profile or page. If you are linking from your website or blog, make sure that you've got really great images on your blog or webpage so that Google+ will be able to pull in the image when it gets the link.

Google+ is really great for indexing new content. We've discovered that if you post a link from new content from your website onto Google+, Google will send its spiders to crawl and index the site.

3. Engage and interact

A great way to grow your audience and to get new customers is by engaging and interacting on Google+. You can do this by using the search engine. Being Google very own social network, Google+ is a great search engine, and you can type any keyword into the search engine and you can see all of the conversations that being had on Google+. You can see pages and communities, and this will allow you to engage with people and hopefully build your followers.

You can also use communities. There are lots of different communities on Google+ for various interests, and it's worth searching through these communities to discover people that might be interested in your brand or give them information, be useful, be social. If you can't find a community about your brand or something that interest you, why not set one up and promote it?

4. Get involved with Hangouts

Hangouts are just like video chats. It allows you to connect with family and friends all over the world. It is also great for business use as it allows for collaboration with Google Drive and SlideShare. Here at Jellyfish, we use hangouts to connect our colleagues in Reigate and Brighton with our colleagues in Baltimore and Durban. You can have up to ten people in a hangout, and people can leave and they can drop out, making it great for customer service.

5. Make your PPC ads social

If you're spending money on your AdWords campaign, it will be really good to enable social extensions once you have a Google+ page.

What you will see on your PPC ads is you will see that they will advertise your Google+ page as well as the number of plus ones, and this is a social recommendation. People are more likely to click on your ad if they can see that other people like your content.

Google say that by having a social extension click-through rate will be increased by 5% or 10%. But here at Jellyfish with our clients, we've discovered this to be a lot higher.

If you want to enable social extensions, all you'll need to do is verify your PPC ad with your Google+ page and your website.

Thank you for watching. I hope I've given you some interesting insight and that my five top tips will help get you started using Google+. If you want any more information about Google+, social media, or any of the other services that Jellyfish has to offer, please give us a call. Stay tuned for more videos.

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