The year ahead: What's to come in Analytics?

| 31 Dec, 2015

Undoubtedly 2015 has been a tremendous year for analytics, reaching an even deeper penetration within the digital ecosystem. Measuring and understanding user behaviours across our online assets (websites, apps, etc.) is a necessity to reach the absolute objective of setting up a data-driven optimisation plan and it remains high on the agenda.

The potential of analytics is huge and, from Jellyfish, we'd like you to be aware of the capabilities it has to offer and how you can make the most of it. Here are the hot topics we think will be the biggest analytics talking points in 2016.

CRM Integration ‰- Getting beyond the online conversion

Most of the CRM data can be integrated with your online data, just by finding the method to track user footpaths and combine them.

Integration of CRM can be achieved when using Google Analytics and its functionality the Measurement Protocol, or utilising Adobe Analytics and Customer Attributes. Or your company might get more benefit from the services offered by some of the Tag Management companies, such as Tealium Audience Stream or Signal Fuse. Especially if you are looking into content personalisation.


Measurement Protocol

See our Measurement Protocol Case study.

Discussions about optimising marketing campaigns towards offline conversions have become real in implementing a new measurement framework. You'll need to think about what keywords or campaigns have higher CPA (Cost per Acquisition) towards offline conversions. Find out how we can help you with this by getting in touch.


Cross-Device Measurement and Attribution

What if we could track a user when using multiple devices to access your website and apps, and understand the whole picture of your marketing efforts in terms of online sales/leads?

If you have a login functionality, you can easily get it done using the custom User ID of Google Analytics. At Jellyfish we have implemented it with some of our clients, and it's hugely helpful.

Find how you can implement tracking cross-device and cross-platform here.


App Tracking

Mobile applications are part of the real world now. In most businesses, mobile campaigns are a big part of the marketing efforts. Are you already using your app data, tracking your revenue and understanding at which point users upgrade (or not) from Freemium to Premium?

As mobile becomes an essential 'shortcut' for most of our daily activities e.g. checking price of petrol, or stock of a product before going to the store  clients will be more aware of the capabilities of tracking and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of their mobile sites and apps.

An app can be performing well, but does that mean it cannot do even better than that? Analytics data will answer that question. App tracking will continue its growth.

We can measure and optimise in-app as much as with the website, Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics app tracking are the perfect tools for it. Contact us to find what you need to understand your apps, we'll define with the perfect plan for you.


Tag Management

As digital marketing spend increases across dozens of platforms to drive traffic to the websites, new pixels need to be added to the site.

Tag Management platforms allow having a single platform to administrate all of them, plus an increase of flexibility when making changes or performing new implementations.

What is the best solution for my business? Should I opt for a free version like Google Tag Manager, or do I need a premium platform based on my requirements? Reach us to get advice.


Attribution Modelling

A user needs to be informed and educated accordingly before it commits to acquire your product or, even more, becomes loyal to you. Your job as marketers is to drive and push them, to make them aware of the capabilities. But it's essential we start using it to know the impact of "DJing" with budgets across channels and understand what the combination provides highest performance.

Attribution Modelling is the right tool to understand our channel's data and will give the ability to look at a more realistic picture of our ad spend and revenue.

What's the best attribution model for my business? What premium tools (Google Analytics Premium, Adometry, Convertro, etc.) can do that others cannot? What are the capabilities and limitations of each? We can help, get in touch today to find out how.


Exceptional Reporting

Reports and graphs are meaningless without any additional input and if they don't follow the 10/90 rule, 10% for the cost of the tool and 90% for the cost of analysing or adding value to the data. If we want to understand the story the data is leaving behind we need to be able to become part of the same story.

Asking the right questions and finding their answers is part of the data analysis we do. Data does never lie, its answer is sometimes behind the scenes. And we love discovering it!



Data management Platforms

And to finish, an emergent one. Data Management Platforms (DMP's) are part of the trendy Big Data growth. Companies are storing billions of sets of data (online/offline), and DMP's are defined to provide "function of data collection, translation, classification, indexing and storage".

Extracting the data from analytics platforms is not that straight forward and extensive 'queries' of data will have to be created. Big Query, SQL, R and many other languages/tools will facilitate this task. Contact us to find the best way to extract your data.

Do you have anything to add to the topics discussed above? Or are we perhaps missing any other? Join the conversation!

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