Email marketing in 2016: Top 5 learnings & where we're going

| 14 Jan, 2016

This is an exciting time for email marketing. Innovations for email have virtually been non-existent until recently. We believe we are on the brink of an email evolution and 2015 was just the start!

Below are our email marketing expectations for 2016 and some lessons from 2015.

  1. Marketing automation is leaving batch and blast in the dust!

    In 2016, marketing automation and its capabilities will continue to shape our marketing strategies of the future.

    Marketing automation has been around for some time but it really hit its stride in 2015. Marketing automation goes beyond just email. It analyzes the behaviors and engagement taking place on a tracked website, email, and paid search campaigns. This information supports micro-targeting based on behavioral and engagement metrics. Marketing automation allows businesses to automatically serve dynamic content that is relevant to the user across digital channels.
  2. Email marketing has gained in popularity

    Email is finally getting the credit it deserves, being an efficient and effective digital marketing tactic that is highly trackable and can tie an omnichannel campaign together. People are more accepting of email and more comfortable with opt-in management. With the use of marketing automation strategies, email communications are becoming more relevant and timely, aiding in the wider acceptance. We are happy to say email is cool again!
  3. Email mark-up

    In 2016, we may see other ISPs join in, however, there is no official confirmation (yet).

    By adding mark-up to your email coding, you can accelerate user actions in Gmail by highlighting the most important information from the email right in the inbox. These actions include RSVP, Review, One-Click Actions, Go-To, and Flight actions.ξ Inbox by Google has a few additional features that Gmail doesnŠ—Èt. For more details, see our blog Š—“How smart is GoogleŠ—Ès smart reply?Š—
  4. Dynamic content

    Audience and email strategies will become more integrated in dynamic omnichannel marketing supporting micro-targeting efforts in 2016.

    Behavior-driven content has had some major improvements throughout 2015 with various tools making it more accurate and effective to deliver the content that matters. Say goodbye to the days of data-driven content and hello to behavior-driven content! Data-driven content is when you have Š—“first nameŠ— in your database and can dynamically pull in Š—“first nameŠ— to your email. Though it is still important to utilize the data you have in your database, it is more important to collect information about the content your customers are interested in based on their behavior with your site and engagement with prior emails. This information will allow you to deliver communications that support their interest.
  5. Responsive design is a must

    In 2016 all emails should be designed responsively. 2015 has taught us that the most popular activity on a smartphone is email and 75% of smartphone users delete emails they canŠ—Èt read as reported by Email on Acid. Additionally, Experian reported 53% (and growing) of email readership is taking place on mobile making responsive design a must.

    In April 2015 there was a major push for businesses to support mobile experience on their website with GoogleŠ—Ès SEO Š—“mobilegeddon.Š— This was when the Google algorithm was being updated to take the mobile experience into consideration when delivering mobile search results. Because many businesses upgraded their website to responsive they tackled email at the same time to support a cohesive customer experience.

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