SafetyNet - Protecting your paid media investment 24/7

SafetyNet protects your paid media spend 24/7

There is an increasing demand by companies to understand what agencies are doing to protect their investment in search networks and media platforms.

With so many moving parts in a digital campaign, it’s vital you have a system in place that can monitor all aspects of your paid activity and provide an early warning when something doesn’t look right.

SafetyNet is a unique, powerful service designed by our own in-house paid search experts. Created exclusively for Jellyfish PPC clients, SafetyNet ensures your investment is automatically safeguarded 24/7.

This rigorous, automated early warning system continually checks your paid search activity for any performance anomalies and critical errors that could result in downtime or wasted spend. If anything is flagged, email or text alerts are instantly sent to the Jellyfish global paid search team so we can take immediate action. This means that, with SafetyNet working for you, your paid search activity – and your entire PPC investment – is always protected.

How does it work?

Based on a combination of the powerful alerts and rules available through Google’s DoubleClick for Search platform, a series of unique code based scripts and a platform to mobile text widget, SafetyNet constantly monitors activity for performance anomalies, ready to send the relevant information to the team so they can take the appropriate action.

What is the system scanning?

  • Priority keywords or ads that go offline
  • Exceptional performance anomalies
  • Ad copy misspellings, incorrect grammar or messaging
  • Broken, dead or 404 error landing pages
  • Showing on irrelevant RSTs (raw search terms)
  • Priority Campaigns hitting budget caps
  • No ads running in an ad group
  • High spend, high CPA activity
  • Missing or incorrect conversion pixels
  • Brand not showing 100% I.S.
  • Ad groups containing incorrectly themed ads
  • Incorrect phone numbers used in ad copy
  • Incorrect landing pages (theme)
  • Priority keywords in wrong ad group (theme)
  • Inconsistent settings or targeting across campaigns
  • Ad copy disapprovals
  • Account structure integrity Improper URL tagging
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