Great campaigns require strong foundations 

At Jellyfish, we understand the importance of setting up a strong tagging architecture of our clients' sites and mobile assets. This enables us to deliver more effective and targeted advertising.

We are then able to segment a client's current online customer base in such a way that we can create micro strategies in our buying, to specifically target high-value customers and different types of customer, while suppressing our messaging to certain types of visitor.

If you have Google Analytics, we can link our buying systems to create audiences from any type of event or activity on site. We can use these as a basis for audience modeling and targeting similar types of people, enabling us to create retargeting pools on a highly granular level.

When we built our display business we recognized a couple of key requirements that the industry was lacking: activity that is truly run in our clients’ best interests. This means total transparency in buying, free from kick-backs and trading commitments.

James Bourner Director of Programmatic Display, Jellyfish
Strong tracking is what drives insight for razor sharp optimisation and execution, so it’s equally applicable to both performance and direct response campaigns.

Strong tracking implementations allow us to track user behaviours on our brands’ sites, apps and across the media landscape. Thus building, combining and segmenting these audiences allows us to prospect additional users who exhibit similar behaviours and patterns.

Tracking is where our paid media, data and analytics team align to ensure the right architecture is in place to deliver the best results into our clients’ assets. This can be conducted via hardcoding or a tag management solution.

Due to the granularity in our tagging, this can yield significantly greater results as we’re targeting specific users on the brink of a conversion. We then look to test, analyse and refine our methods to ensure we’re displaying the right message at the right time.


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