As an agency, when delivering display campaigns we have many options to target delivery to the right audiences.

First-party audience data is one of the core ways of doing this. We always make the most of our client's most powerful asset; their first party data, especially when being used for direct response campaigns.

Whether this is modeling look-a-like audiences from on-site behaviours and customer databases, or building remarketing lists and onboarding customer databases for suppression, modeling or lead nurture.

Third-party audience data can also be a valuable targeting tool. We work closely with key data providers to ensure we only buy the most reliable, up-to-date and effective segments.

These range from inferred behavioral segments to verified demographic information from credit bureaus and other brick-and-mortar institutions.

Audience targeting 

As valuable as first party data is audience derived from behavioural or demographic data is a key element of branding and prospecting activity - no different to TV or Direct Mail. 

Buying particular types of users makes great sense, especially if your product or service is squarely aimed at a certain element of society. However, the sheer amount of data can make this challenging in digital and the quality of that data can be difficult to assess.

Jellyfish are passionate about testing and optimisation of all display activity from direct response to awareness. Not only do we work with data providers to understand how they collect and segment the audience we are buying but we also quickly optimise and observe performance to find the right audiences for your activity.

Where a campaign can benefit from a targeting overhaul we can quickly and easily look at who our client's customers really are and immediately use this information to augment the targeting of awareness activity as well as prospecting activity.

Sites & placements 

The media plan lives, sort of. Context is still king. It's often said people are what they browse, not who they are. And nothing could still be truer. That's why we still believe in placing adverts against relevant content and in relevant publications. Programmatic advertising allows us to cross-pollinate our targeting strategies to ensure our client's budget is spent on showing their adverts to the people they want to buy their product.

We firmly believe that publisher relationships are one the keys to successful campaigns and being able to give our advertisers a competitive advantage.

However, we believe in bringing meritocracy to media buying. If a website's performance is sub-optimal we will change any booked placements mid-flight. We won't wait until the end of the month to review spend like a network or IO based business.

Not only do we target by site, but we have the ability to target to page level based on semantic analysis of the content and the use of keywords to define our context.

We frequently take advantage of private marketplaces and programmatic is guaranteed to enable us to beat the competition on your behalf or target unique audiences specific only to that publisher.

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