As part of your marketing mix, there are many different types of display campaigns you can use, to achieve myriad business goals.

From brand awareness, prospecting and retargeting, they all work either on their own or together to move your customers along the sales funnel.

At Jellyfish, we are experts in delivering these campaigns, while understanding its role as a tactic within your wider marketing strategy.

We work collectively with other experts from around our business to deliver collectively against your business goals. 

We're experts when it comes to types of campaigns. We'll only use what's right to achieve your business goals

Brand awareness

We create and deliver display campaigns to the right audience and ensure that your adverts are seen by your intended customers. 

We can target brand awareness campaigns based on many factors, including core demographic information such as age, gender, income and household information. We can also measure their success in a number of ways, including delivery to target audience, reach and engagement.

While some may dismiss the importance of viewability when serving or buying ads, we believe it's essential and optimize all your awareness campaigns to maximize viewability.

We regularly optimize live campaigns so we can ensure that your branding money is being spent in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Our golden rule is to make sure advertising is seen by a human in an environment that is safe for your brand. Our branding campaigns can consist of standard banner placements combined with high impact placements such as programmatic page skins and homepage takeovers on quality sites as well as rich media creative.

Working with Nestlè, we ran campaigns using various different formats to deliver the desired results.

Mobile web & app 

You often hear the phrase 'mobile-first', however, we believe that mobile should be integrated into absolutely everything you do - especially when planning programmatic display.

While campaign strategy and messaging should certainly be unified between mobile and other channels, we understand mobile's unique campaign delivery nuances. So we deliver, optimize and track mobile, app and web placements to provide your consumers with a seamless experience of your brand across devices.

When people research a potential purchase, mobile is often their starting place. However, it's often undervalued in the user journey. Our technology allows us a high level of determined cross-device tracking and targeting, so we can ensure we are using mobile in the most effective way for your campaign.


Prospecting is the lifeblood of any digital campaign. Prospecting for new customers demonstrating high intent to purchase signals is vital as an acquisition stream in its own right. It also touches other key digital activities.

For example, there are strong correlations between branding search traffic, natural search traffic and display activity. Evidence also proves that exposure to display campaigns prior to purchase can have an uplift in conversions of over 50%.

Straddling the middle of the sales funnel, we put a focus on strong prospecting strategies for any direct response digital campaign. We understand that not only does it drive sales directly or indirectly, it also has a tangible brand halo effect.

We combine many tactics and strategies to ensure that activity is both highly targeted to specific audiences and operates in broad enough strokes to provide scale and deliver reach for the activity. To achieve this, we use a mix of first and third-party data along with strong contextual and environmental targeting methodologies.


Retargeting is a vital tool to secure sales on acquisition-focused campaigns. 

We use an element of retargeting on all direct response campaigns. But unlike many agencies, we still focus on quality placements and tight targeting to ensure our spend is as effective as possible.

But while retargeting can be very powerful, you can have too much of a good thing. Not only can over-reliance on retargeting as a strategy be a waste of money, but it also can distort campaign results.

Done properly, retargeting helps secure sales from all forms of web traffic and gives users a valuable prompt who have genuinely fallen out of your conversion process or who are considering competitive services or products. And the key to getting it right is moderation, control of frequency and recency, and understanding when to start suppressing messaging.

You can also use retargeting to help retention and renewal, as well as re-engaging with former customers to let them know about new events, products or services - making display a valuable addition to your CRM activities.

CRM integration & on-boarding

A combination of offline and customer retention strategies ensures that your digital acquisition activity is smarter and more integrated. 

In the US and UK, we work with a number of companies who can safely, securely and anonymously make your CRM records and segments available for targeting and suppression via display advertising.

Suppression has been at the core of direct marketing efforts for decades, but it's often overlooked in digital. We believe the perfect digital journey involves ensuring we are only targeting your current customer base if that's what you want us to do - ensuring that your money is spent more efficiently and directly on acquisition.

It also means that any customers or leads that have originated offline can be found online and targeted with display ads, helping to bridge the gap between on and offline.

We work with trusted and certified companies to ensure that all local privacy and data laws are upheld.

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