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Studio is a powerful tool that creative agencies and developers can use to produce Rich Media units/ads to be served online through Campaign Manager /Display & Video 360.

You can host your creative assets onto DoubleClick Studio servers and apply "rules" to auto-optimise creative delivery to increase campaign performance.

Studio helps you build Rich Media creatives efficiently and send them to Studio Q/A.

There are two ways of developing Rich Media creatives via Studio; create in Google Web Designer (no coding knowledge required), or if you have HTML, JavaScript & CSS coding experience, you can develop your creatives and upload onto Studio.

Benefits of using Studio include access to the most advanced Rich Media features such as Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO) and advance reporting from Campaign Manager.

The platform will let the producers host all their creative assets/files on the “server” as well as being able to send the units to Studio Q/A.

Studio courses

Studio Fundamentals

  • Introduction to Studio and difference between Campaign Manager and Display & Video 360
  • Rich Media with Studio
  • Dynamic Creative Optimisation
  • Feed and creative template development
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Google Web Designer

  • Use of the Google Web Designer tools
  • Work with inbuilt templates and components
  • Create responsive interactive animations
  • Integration with the Google Marketing Platform
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They certainly know the digital world

They certainly know the digital world

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They certainly know the digital world

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