Do I have to come up with the ideas for my video?

If you have a strong concept or non-negotiable brief, we’re happy to work with you to create the best end product possible. Equally, if you aren’t sure what you want and your brief is broader, we will suggest creative treatments and executions, while working with you to ensure you are 100% on board at each stage of the project.

How long does it take to create an animation?

This will depend on whether your project is being produced in 2D or 3D, the style, and the complexity/amount of movement & animation required. Let us know your deadline and we can talk through what is possible in the time available.

How can I keep costs down?

Think ahead, because it is more cost effective to create a series of videos than creating them individually. When producing videos as part of a series, elements like intro/outros can be reused or an actor can be used to read multiple scripts in one day. We can also create social videos to support your main piece, such as a behind-the-scenes video or assets that can be used in display campaigns. It all depends on what your project is of course, but we will always familiarize ourselves where possible with any wider campaign objectives to ensure economies of scale where possible.

Is it cheaper to use motion graphics/animation over live action?

It can sometimes be more cost effective to use graphics over live action, but this will always vary depending on the complexity of the project. The most important factor is deciding what is most suitable and will get your message across in the best way.

How many revisions do I get?

We will work through as many revisions as required until you are fully satisfied with your video. As a standard, we include 2 rounds of amends in our quotes, but this can be tailored to suit your needs if more are anticipated or you have a complex internal sign-off/compliance process.

What format will my video be delivered in?

We can provide your video in a wide range of digital and web formats, but we most commonly supply as high-bitrate h.264 encoded mp4 files, suitable for YouTube. We can also author DVDs or BluRay discs or provide memory sticks should you need your video on physical media.

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