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Samsung Display is the world’s leading professional digital display company known for their unrivaled innovation and quality. Samsung Display partnered with Jellyfish to re-imagine the web presence for their Public Information Display (PID) division.

Samsung Display PID approached Jellyfish in search of a trusted partner who could build an entire digital B2B platform for the brand. They were looking for an agency that could understand the complexity of their business and cultural environment as well as deliver high performance and measurable results.

Samsung Display had two primary goals. First, the PID team was looking to create a digital platform to aid in customer acquisition and support. Secondly, the division set out to pave the way for an entire branch of the organisation to adopt digital marketing initiatives by proving out the effectiveness.

The project objectives:

Realizing the opportunity for market share growth, Samsung Display was looking to capture this potential while staying ahead of the competition. In order to drive revenue for the business unit, the project centered on generating awareness and sales leads. To achieve that, Samsung partnered with Jellyfish to:

  • Design a fully responsive website and new brand identity for the Public Information Display division to establish online presence in three languages (Korean, Chinese, English) to support primary markets
  • Increase brand awareness and generate incremental demand through communicating product value and benefits
  • Establish the organisation as an innovator and thought leader via multiple content types
  • Create tools for lead generation and lead management strategy
  • Amplify customer engagement and online support via useful content and online customer resource center
  • Develop capability to measure and track marketing efforts
Customized icon set created to define the different product offerings

Client immersion and research

In collaboration with Samsung Display, Jellyfish went through an extensive discovery phase. The teams met in Seoul to get the full picture of the product and business strategy. The team conducted comprehensive user research and competitor analysis, as well as interviewed stakeholders, customers, and partners worldwide. Based on this research and analysis, Jellyfish developed user personas, user journeys, and customer scenarios to drive the brand strategy, as well as web build, SEO, and content strategy. 

Due to the very specialised nature of the Samsung PID business, the team performed industry-specific keyword analysis for primary markets and developed localisation, domain, URL, and metadata recommendations to optimize towards western, Korean, and Chinese markets. Localisation efforts and SEO strategy for China were particularly important since this is the largest and fastest growing ID market in the world.

Client immersion session with UX team to define the perception of where content should sit

Content Strategy, video, and website development

After becoming deeply familiar with the client’s business and users, the Jellyfish team developed information architecture, wireframes, and creative composition for the website. Jellyfish created brand guidelines and messaging hierarchy, website copy, and content to support Samsung Display’s business objectives, including whitepapers, blogs, and case studies. The photo and video team also built an asset portfolio to support the digital platform.

Lead generation through email

With HubSpot integration, Jellyfish launched email campaigns to inspire and increase engagement with value-add content to continue building relationships with existing customers. In addition, email capture tools were implemented on the website to grow Samsung’s email database for lead generation and lead nurturing – which includes monthly email blasts and behavioural email campaigns that are triggered based on website engagement. 

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Samsung PID team was thoroughly impressed with the Jellyfish practitioners and in the effort to become savvy digital marketers themselves and promote digital within their organisation, Samsung decided to learn from us as well. The team visited Jellyfish’s London office in the Shard for ten days of training and collaborative sessions. 

As a result, the Samsung Display team became Jellyfish certified in:

  • GDN, YouTube, Facebook & Twitter Advertising
  • Google Analytics Standard
  • Content Marketing
  • Google Analytics Insights
  • User Experience
42%increase in Total Users
100%increase in New Users
25%increase in Returning Users


Samsung PID website is the foundation of the company’s digital marketing efforts. It establishes the brand and its online presence, increases visibility through organic channels, attracts new prospects, and helps them understand the value of PID product portfolio. It reduces sales teams’ workload by providing prospects with information and customers with access to the documentation they need to conduct their business. This is done via integration with Citrix Virtual Data Room file sharing system, allowing customers to access vital product details and roadmaps.

And this was only the beginning! Jellyfish continues to execute content marketing and paid media strategies.

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