Driving brand awareness for global gaming giant

GameStop is the world’s largest video game and entertainment software retailer with annual turnover in excess of $9 billion.

They operate more than 6,500 retail stores worldwide as well as www.GameStop.com and www.EBgames.com. GameStop prides themselves on the fact that customers are going to them sooner and staying with them longer.

Their culture, guided by a set of core company principles, ensures they always match their knowledge with enthusiasm.

The Brief

The GameStop business was predominantly driven by their high street stores; they made a decision to move into the online market and needed help with creating their online brand awareness. They formed a new online team internally to get the website off the ground and Jellyfish began work with the newly formed team.

The key objective of the campaign was to rapidly increase exposure for the GameStop brand whilst delivering a good Return on Investment.

Target Audience

Initially, we targeted 3 main types of customer:

  • Hardcore Gamers
  • Casual Gamers
  • Gift Givers 

This ranges from Hardcore Gamers that buy on a frequent basis to gift givers that buy on an annual basis.

Our Approach

The strategy was based on 2 key target areas: increasing traffic and driving brand awareness.

It was important to achieve a specific ROI target to ensure revenue was being maximized whilst raising awareness. 

So despite increasing traffic and impressions we had to ensure the traffic converted well at a profitable pace. We worked closely with the client and carried out our own analysis to determine what would perform as the most popular and strong converting keywords. We then entered a 3 month proof of concept stage. A large amount of test and learn was carried out in this time, bidding on brand keywords and game title keywords. There are now over 700,000 keywords that have been created.

Due to the number of games/consoles/products being launched we are constantly launching new ad copy, keywords and landing pages, all to ensure we are moving in line with the gaming industry.


Due to the need to increase brand awareness we felt it important to drive this across a variety of channels which would have the biggest impact on traffic. As the client is based in the gaming industry we also deemed it important to test various marketing channels which would appeal to our target market. 

Highlighted below is a list of marketing channels/creative work that we tested. Some of the work was designed and created by our in-house creative team and some work was completed externally.

The success of the various channels varied, however, it was an important test to complete to understand the boundaries of the product and brand.

  • Product Extensions
  • Video Add Extensions
  • YouTube
  • Static Image
  • Flash
  • Click to Play
  • In Stream
  • Facebook – Game Launches
  • Campaign Sites
  • Site Links

To find out about how we can assist your brand with a paid search strategy, or to look at your wider digital strategy, get in touch today. 

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