Google Analytics 360 informs key business decisions

Red or black? Stick or twist? Paddy Power took a gamble with Jellyfish and of course it paid off!

Irish bookmaker, Paddy Power provide gambling services in sport, poker, bingo and casino.

They approached Jellyfish to assist in understanding their data to help them make more informed business decisions.

The brief

Jellyfish was briefed to assist Paddy Power with an analytics solution and ongoing support, so their in-house marketing team had a greater understanding of their site performance.

This new insight would enable them to make wider business decisions; such as where to invest time and resource to best optimize their cross-channel landing pages.

The objectives

  • Provide a more detailed view of onsite performance through site tagging and implementation

  • Set up and train the Paddy Power team to use Analytics 360, formerly Google Analytics Premium

Paddy power website

The results

Jellyfish worked closely with the Paddy Power team to tag key events and pages on their websites and provided them with powerful data to leverage.

Liaising with Google, Jellyfish ensured that all data being passed to their Google Analytics 360 platform was as accurate as possible to ensure that their decisions were being based on robust and actionable insight. This, in turn, allowed Paddy Power to refine and optimize their cross-channel activity.

The results for this project were impressive, we achieved the following:

  • Efficient tagging implementation across four key websites
  • Insight provided on areas of optimization
  • Responsive ad-hoc support provided to the internal Paddy Power analytics team
Paddy Power betting
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