Jellyfish collaborates with Experian to support the launch of CreditMatcher

Experian, the UK’s most trusted credit score provider, wanted to expand their customer product portfolio due to changing market conditions and to help as many people as possible take the first step to financial control.

Historically, Experian has offered access to your Experian Credit Report and Experian Credit Score through its CreditExpert product, available with a 30-day free trial and then £14.99 a month thereafter.

The brief

CreditExpert is a product designed to help people understand, manage and improve their credit score and protect their identity.

Experian chose to launch a second product, CreditMatcher which gives everyone visibility of their credit score for free, forever.

Not only is CreditMatcher free forever, for everyone, it provides a comparison tool to help people find deals on loans and credit cards they’re more likely to be accepted for, or even a mortgage, based on their history of managing credit.

Jellyfish were tasked with realigning the paid search strategy to support this product launch.

The objectives

  • Increase branded market share within the credit referencing sector
  • Achieve a 40% lower Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
  • Gain a set number of acquisitions combined from both products
  • Support ATL activity highlighting the new product with timely, tailored ads

The solution

The Jellyfish paid search team brought the brief to life ensuring the campaign was launched seamlessly and successfully, here’s some insight into how.

Keywords that were branded or featured free, comparison and score were directed to the free credit score product.

Ad copy was changed to reflect the new brand and product messaging in line with the keyword selection.

Remarketing was updated for visitors of the 30-day free trial; serving them the free score proposition. Free score visitors are also remarketed with free score messaging.

Audience lists were created in line with new CreditMatcher pages and applied to the previously segmented lists based on the users' journey phase, such as awareness or consideration.

DoubleClick bid strategies were reconfigured for maximum exposure during peak times throughout the day and high volume TV spots to help exceed the sales target.

18%above acquisition target
97%more post launch impressions
180%more mobile conversions

In summary

Throughout 2016 the growth of mobile has been one of the key factors in defining monthly strategy, alongside achieving the target KPI’s, the mobile conversion rate improved by 180% resulting in the additional traffic being capitalized on. We also managed to achieve a 25% lower CPA than target. 

We’ve really enjoyed working with such a forward-thinking, industry leader as Experian, in particular using the latest search techniques to launch this customer centric new offering.

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